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Despite using blatantly bigoted rhetoric during the 2016 presidential campaign and emboldening the so-called Alt-Right, exit polls show Donald Trump won an overwhelming majority of White voters.

Polling data shows both males and females of varying education levels supported the reality-TV-show-star-turned-politician, resulting in one of the biggest political upsets in history.

Behind all the inflammatory language against African-Americans, Latinos and Muslims, did Trump’s racially charged rhetoric secretly resonate with White voters in a way they are unable to explain?

Dr. Robin DiAngelo, author of What Does it Mean to be White? Developing White Racial Literacy, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss why most White Americans fail to recognize and/or understand racism, as well as their inability to identify White privilege.

Dr. DiAngelo told Martin, “The average White person is what I call racially illiterate [and] fundamentally cannot answer the question ‘What does it mean to be White?’ with any complexity or nuance whatsoever within a society that is deeply separate and unequal by race.”

Dr. DiAngelo argued many will profess, “It doesn’t mean anything to be White.” 

In an attempt to help Caucasian Americans understand their hidden biases and recognize their obliviousness to White privilege, Dr. DiAngelo penned her book.

Watch Roland Martin, Dr. Robin DiAngelo and the NewsOne Now panel discuss What Does it Mean to be White? in the video clip above.

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