Six conservative pastors held a press conference on Tuesday afternoon asking the N.C. General Assembly not repeal HB2 in a special session on Wednesday.

“We have urged that HB2 not be repealed tomorrow,” said Mark Harris, of First Baptist Church.

The pastors supported the City Council’s decision to remove the non-discrimination ordinance, which they described as “dangerous,”

The pastors also asked that legislators require a statewide referendum before passing any controversial laws.

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The pastors echoed sentiments that the quick repeal of Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance shows that the ordinance was a political device rather than a necessary piece of legislation.

“It has been much to obvious that everything that Mayor Roberts and the city council have stated over the last 10 months has been nothing, but political gamesmanship in their pursuits,” Harris said.

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“If citizens were truly being denied their constitutional rights, you don’t go back on that,” Harris said in his press statement. “This was a solution looking for a problem.”

Harris stated three demands:

– State legislatures protect the privacy and safety of all citizens, especially women and children.

– Mayor Jennifer Roberts and the City Council will be held accountable for their actions.

– Future divisive laws be presented for public referendum statewide.

– Call to action for Christians and conservatives if HB2 is repealed to be engaged and involved in local political affairs.

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