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Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta picks up from bomb-gate and it turns out that it’s not what people thought. Phaedra explained that one of her former clients (and good friends), a rapper named Drama, was the man in question, but he wasn’t trying to kill her or blow anything up. Apparently, he never had a bomb; he was trying to drop off some “bomb” music. Things got hectic after he showed up to the wrong law offices and used the colloquialism, which sent people into panic mode (and you know how the press likes to blow everything out of proportion). Phaedra’s felt like Drama was being racially profiled. Despite this misunderstanding, Phaedra decided that she should actually focus on tightening up security anyway.


Something sounds fishy though. Like…fabricated fishy.


Now we find Cynthia and Kenya kicking it, talking about their man drama. Cynthia seems surprised that Peter has been talking to the media about how he was blindsided by the divorce and Kenya’s new drama with Matt is that he flipped out on her—all because she posted a screenshot of she and Jay-Z from that time she starred in the “Money Ain’t a Thang” video (back in 1998). Sigh.

Mama Joyce is in the mix, spying on Phaedra because she doesn’t trust her, nor does she like Phaedra anymore, as we know by now. The gem of the episode was when Mama Joyce said, “I wouldn’t piss in your mouth if your guts were on fire,” in a confessional where she was talking greasy about Phaedra. In the scene, Mama Joyce met up with Phaedra’s lawyer only to discover that Phaedra and Apollo’s divorce isn’t finalized, like Phae Phae said it was. Mama Joyce is about to have a field day with this.


Kandi, other than the baby father drama, is chilling this season. She’s working on her businesses, primarily her forthcoming restaurant. The restaurant isn’t ready yet, but Kandi prepared a tasting session featuring recipes by The Old Lady Gang. The Old Lady Gang was in the building, and so were Porsha, Kenya, Cynthia, Sheree and Phaedra. Everything went swimmingly at first, but then Mama Joyce pulled Phaedra aside and tried to start the conversation her divorce fib, but Kandi jumped in before Mama Joyce could really get it out, and brought them back to the table.

Kandi was not about drama at her event, but you know his conversation will be picked back up at another time because Mama Joyce is petty.


The next topic of discussion at the tasting was bomb-gate. Basically, Mama Joyce thinks Phaedra’s version of events with that is fishy.

Back in more relationship drama, Kenya had yet another falling out with Matt. This time Matt broke the window to her garage—seriously, he kicked it in in a fit of rage. Kenya called Cynthia to explain what happened. Cynthia said what most normal people would say, and this is that she’s nervous about the way he’s behaving and that Kenya should really consider taking time away from Matt because he’s mentally unstable. Kenya then had a tearful melt down to one of the producers about how she really loves him and she thinks he really is a nice guy. Whatevs.


Kenya then called Matt to talk and he begged for her forgiveness, once again. Kenya agreed to let him come over so he could talk, be he gets pissed when he shows up and sees cameras there (apparently she told him that cameras wouldn’t be there) Matt then starts flipping out again. It’s exhausting to watch their exchange about who does what to whom. Matt calls Kenya “manipulative and fundamentally deceptive.” He claims that she is passive aggressive and that she pokes him. We know these traits to be true in Kenya, but Matt isn’t a victim here because he definitely seems to have anger issues. The bottom line is, we just want them to end this—if this is real (because you know how Kenya does). This is too abusive even for a potentially fabricated storyline.


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