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PaleyLive NY: 'How To Get Away With Murder'

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder was the heavy one, where we finally find out who was under that sheet. Brace yourselves, if it hasn’t already been spoiled for you, and even then, it’s kind of a tough one. During the episode opener we find out that Bonnie managed to talk Frank out of killing himself. Annalise was not moved and bluntly told him that he should have pulled the trigger.


In the next scene, Annalise tells Wes that Frank is gone for good, meaning that he’s not dead, but that he won’t ever bother them again. It’s not clear what that really means, but you already know it’s not good.

Speaking of not good, Annalise confronted DA Renee Atwood because she found out that this chick has been snooping around about her. It seems like it’s some single Black female ish, which it kind of is, but it also means that the DA’s office is investigating Annalise because it’s that serious. Annalise then confronted Nate to see if he knew that Renee was investigating him. He said he didn’t know. This convo generally didn’t go well at all. Nate was mean and cold, and over her drama, but it’s starting to look like his new girlfriend may have hired him just to get closer to Annalise. Nate confronted Renee about that and she tried to play it off, but he’s over crazy lawyer chicks so he ended things with her, too.


Cut to Wes being a snitch. We find him being interrogated by authorities and they inform him that they found Rebecca’s body in the woods, and offer him immunity to snitch on Annalise. His lawyer encourages him to take the deal, but he fires his lawyer. That’s when we get to the next scene where Bonnie tells Frank to take the fall for Annalise (and basically all of them since they’re all involved). Frank isn’t feeling it (but also doesn’t say that he won’t do it either).


Annalise rallies all her kids to come to the house so she can explain what’s going down. Laurel tries to round everyone up in their respective locations, and then we see Nate go to Annalise’s house looking for her and start to panic because we’re getting closer to finding out who the body belonged to.


While this is happening, Annalise is with Oliver explaining that she—actually they—need his help. She needs him to hack the DA’s office. Laurel didn’t seem to have much luck rallying everyone else, so she heads to Annalise’s house on her own and then there’s an explosion shortly after Laurel gets inside.



And now were back in the present. Annalise hugs Oliver before getting arrested and slips him her phone on the low. She tells him to wipe it clean. She calls Bonnie from jail to tell her what’s up (the charge is arson and first degree murder). Bonnie finds Oliver to see if he did what he was told. Laurel is at the hospital unconscious, and that’s when it’s revealed that she’s pregnant. Bonnie calls Frank to tell him that Laurel is pregnant. She then visits Annalise in jail and tells her that she’s not the one who sold her out. Laurel finally wakes up at the hospital and writes “Wes” on a notepad. Renee is trying to call Nate, but only getting voicemail.

The kids congregate at the hospital and everyone except Wes is accounted for. And then we finally find out that it’s not Nate who was under the sheet because we now see him at the morgue to check on the investigation of the body that was found. It’s Wes.

Yes. Wes.



Just when Wes was starting to get likeable this season, Shonda Rhimes takes him from us. Just like that. WHHHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!?!!!!


Then there’s another flashback. It’s Wes with the authorities, during the interrogation, signing paperwork for immunity. He gets the call from Annalise asking him to come to the house.

Flash forward to Nate visiting Annalise in prison. She tells him she didn’t cause the fire, but Nate says that Wes was already dead before the fire and we end on that note.

Now we must wait until January to find out anything further, but do you think Annalise set Wes up and it backfired? Or is it Frank behind all of this?

Why must Shonda toy with us like this? Seriously, she builds up our hopes and dreams for certain characters and then she takes them away from us!




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