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How To Get Away With Murder

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder opens in the present, after Annalise’s house has burned down. This time, we find Michaela in search of Asher to tell him what’s going on. But hold that thought and let us flashback to three weeks before that. We find out that Bonnie recorded Frank admitting that he shot Wes’ pops. Annalise says they can’t use it because if they take it to the police then Frank might tell them everything that happened with Sam. Annalise is pissed that Bonnie did that in the first place. Wes’ girl, Meggy, then calls him to tell him that the police are at his apartment looking for him. This is all a surprise to her because the gag is, Meggy doesn’t know anything she thinks she knows about Wes.


Wes wants to just talk to the police because he’s naïve like that, but Annalise ain’t having it. She thinks Frank gave Wes’ name as a suspect just to be spiteful. Wes then says he’s going to leave and Annalise informs him that if he leaves she’s going to “chain him in the basement like Rebecca.”


Annalise’s professional life is back on track, kind of, as we find out she got reinstated, provided she submits to alcohol screenings and changes her conduct (you know, misleading judges, intimidating witnesses, etc). Yeah, right!


Annalise is on a new case as per usual, but she’s getting push back from her rival, ADA Renee Atwood, also on the case. You know ADA Atwood, it’s that chick that’s sleeping with Nate. Anyway, Annalise finds out that her client, who is in the military, made up her entire story (she’s up for murder). Basically, it’s drama as usual. It’s illegal for Annalise to put her on the stand and purger herself. In the end, Annalise figures something out like she always does.


Later on in the episode, Nate confirms what Annalise figured, which was that the NYPD is looking for Wes based on an anonymous tip they got. And he also reveals that he and Atwood got a thang going on. Annalise acted like it was all good, but you already know she’s they cry in the bathroom late at night type.


At the end of the episode, we find Wes with Laurel. He decided to destroy the recorded evidence she had and tells her that he’s just going to tell the police that he was talking to his father that night but that he didn’t see Frank. You know he’s naïve enough to think his story going to protect he and Frank. Then somehow in all of this, Laurel tells Wes that she’s not in love with Frank anymore and Wes reveals that he broke up with Meggy (for her own sake), and then they get it popping (soooo, Laurel might be pregnant with his baby). Let’s cut to the next scene. There’s a news story out that Mahoney’s son Charles is in custody for being the killer so it looks like Wes is off the hook. And it also looks like Frank set this entire thing up.


Back to the present with Michaela and Asher.

Michaela tells Asher the news that Annalise’s house burned down and you know, they can’t find Connor, two bodies, yatta yatta. We’re still waiting to see what Laurel’s fate will be and there’s only two episodes left until he find out who was burned to a crisp. That’s also when we find out who got Annalise locked up behind all of this. Ish is only going to get realer.


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