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PaleyLive NY: 'How To Get Away With Murder'

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder was another convoluted tale, told in flashbacks and fast fowarded vignettes leading up to the big reveal of who got burned to a crisp.

The episode opens with doctors operating on Laurel, who is pregnant. Bonnie and Oliver stop by the hospital checking on her. That’s when Bonnie gets a phone call, from we don’t know who, and lets that person know that she’s at the hospital and that Laurel is pregnant.

Cut to three weeks before that. Bonnie runs into Frank while leaving her father’s funeral. She gets a call from Laurel, who asks her if she had seen Frank, but Bonnie lies and says no and then gives Frank a big hug.

But it’s a meaningful hug. Like, a really meaningful hug. Mmmmhmmm.


She then explains to Frank that Annalise sent that person to spy on him because he made Wes a suspect in killing his father and she wanted to know where he ran off to. Then we get a flashback to 11 years before that when Frank is in solitary confinement in prison, and gets a visit from Sam. Sam wants to get him out and promises to have his wife (Annalise) on the case pro bono. Throughout the episode we see that Annalise is reluctant to take the case on, but finally gives in since Sam seems to like Frank so much. We find out that Frank tried to kill his father and generally has violent tendencies (duh). He’s not quite a sociopath though because he does actually feel remorse on occasion, but he definitely has tendencies.


In the present we find Annalise at her AA meeting. This is how she’s getting out of her suspension. It’s also important to note that she ran into Soraya (the university president who is one of the people behind getting Annalise suspended) at this meeting. Everybody has skeletons in this universe, but don’t think this is going to make them friends. Annalise later served Soraya with the potential lawsuit she could file against the university for suspending her in the first place. Obviously, Annalise will be back teaching soon.


Meanwhile, Bonnie has been trying to get Frank to return to Annalise’s place. He still thinks she sent someone to kill him. Bonnie reminded him that Annalise has a right to be mad at him since he caused her son’s death. Basically, Annalise and Frank need to forgive each other—but moreso Frank since he started this. They’re both being stubborn though. Later on Frank asks Bonnie to run away with him. This is when we realize they’ve been having some kind of secret affair.

And we have another flashback to the early days of Sam and Annalise’s marriage. They have had relationship problems pretty much since the beginning, but we find out that Annalise didn’t seem to want kids at first. She only agreed to trying because Sam wanted kids. Unfortunately she struggled with infertility and miscarriages before finally getting pregnant and we know how that ended.


This round of flashbacks is occurring as Annalise is getting rid of her liquor stash and happens to have a relapse. She calls Nate, who doesn’t answer because he’s boo’d up with Annalise’s new nemesis, Rene (the new black girl lawyer), but Wes comes through to help pick up the pieces. He watches her puke her brains out, all over her new Indian Yaki hair, and generally has a crying fit. Obviously, even though Annalise is doing AA to get her license back, she definitely has an alcohol problem and whole bunch of other psychological impairments that she’ll probably never go to therapy for. Wes let her cry it out and even put her to bed.


Annalise’s kids found out who was putting those “killer” fliers up. This is a bit anticlimactic because it turns out to be Simon, one of her students. Annalise confronts him, completely unbothered. She tells him she’s not going to tell what he did (but her kids want to drag him), but you know she has plans for him.


Let’s get back to Frank and Bonnie. It turns out, they’re not written in the stars after all because he ran again while Bonnie went out on a coffee run one morning.


Laurel and Wes confront Annalise at the end of the episode about allegedly trying to kill Frank. That’s when Bonnie walks in and then we flash forward, back to the scene at the hospital. Oliver is calling Connor’s phone, but it’s at Michaela’s house (she picked it up). Fun fact: Michaela’s adoptive mother is white, but anyway, Michaela hasn’t seen Connor, but Oliver tells her the news about Laurel and now we’re all hoping that Connor isn’t the one who got burned up. Hopefully not Connor or Wes.


They wouldn’t take Wes from us, would they? He’s the only one on this show that’s not grimey.Three more episodes left until we find out!

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