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PaleyLive NY: 'How To Get Away With Murder'

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Tonight’s How to Get Away With Murder starts back in the present in the aftermath of the fire. Bonnie goes to visit Annalise behind bars to inform her that they found another body in the house, but they don’t know who it is yet. We then see medics working on that person, but from their perspective, so we don’t see who it is either and the suspense is killing us!


Cut to four weeks earlier.

Annalise met up with Eve, her other boo thang. Come to find out, Annalise has been sneaking and hanging out with her. It has been strictly platonic this time around, but we already know that Annalise’s dishonesty is going to catch up to her.


Frank got a visitor from a mysterious woman who gave him what looked like a propane tank. He stuffed it in his backpack and we’re wondering what he plans to do with that because those are flammable. In other words, they can be deadly so you know he’s up to something.


Meanwhile, Annalise’s new case revolves around Tristan Fulton, a juvenile who stole several thousand dollars in credit card fraud. The case belongs to Connor, who was doing a terrible job in court, but fate intervened because someone interrupted court proceedings to inform them that Annalise’s license to practice was under review due to the fact that she punched a client in the face last week (he deserved it though), and someone happened to leak surveillance footage of the incident. You know Annalise, she tried to fast talk her way around it, but the judge considered that insubordination and suspended her license. Overseeing the case is now Bonnie’s job.


At the moment it’s looking like the school board has defeated Annalise, but they don’t seem to know whom they’re dealing with. She’s not just going to take that suspension. However, just when it seems like things haven’t gotten bad enough for her, Nate confronted her about sneaking around with Eve again. He thinks they’re sleeping together even though they’re not (but it’s not like Annalise didn’t try). They started arguing and Nate, tired of Annalise’s toxic energy, decided that he wasn’t going to live with her anymore—but not before telling her she had an alcohol problem.

Back in court, Bonnie is still leading the case. They found out that Tristan was stealing because he fathered his teacher’s baby and felt the need to steal in order to be able to buy things for their child.


Bonnie’s defense was to expose the teacher as a rapist to prove that Tistan stole money for the baby. The teacher pled the fifth after being badgered on the stand, which obviously made her look guilty. The charges were dropped against Tristan, but now his teacher-girlfriend could be facing jail time. Tristan was pissed and called Connor and Bonnie horrible people because he didn’t want his child to grow up without a father like he did.


As far as Annalise’s fight for her license goes, she is forced to state her case at a disciplinary hearing. She revealed that she had been struggling with alcohol (an idea she got from Nate’s insult that’s actually true), which is what has been driving her actions (it’s not the alcohol, it’s the overambitious need to win all the time). Meanwhile, we see that Nate is cheating on her with one of her biggest rivals (the other black girl lawyer), and even though Annalise has been sneaking around with Eve and lying to Nate about it, we’re still mad at him.


In the end-of-episode montage, we see Bonnie telling Annalise that her father, who was ailing in prison, was dead. That’s when we see that the propane tank looking thing Frank got earlier in the episode was actually hydrogen sulfide. Frank hooked that thank up to Bonnie’s father’s oxygen mask and that’s what killed him. Frank said he did it as payback for what happened to Bonnie. Laurel overheard Bonnie telling Annalise what prison her dad was in (because he was recently transferred) and realized that it was in the same town where Frank was. Laurel put two and two and told Bonnie what was up. Cut to the very end of the episode, and that’s when we see that Laurel was the second body found in the house, and she’s pregnant.

She’s not dead yet, but…

We might find out what happens to her next week. It’s either that or in one of the four episodes left before mid-season break.


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