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Amsterdam has always been high on my travel list. The idea of spending time in a country with more relaxed societal norms always appeals to me. I headed to Amsterdam fully expecting to indulge in everything!

On our first night, we got it all in. We visited coffeeshops and the red light district. We filled our eyes and lungs with everything Amsterdam had to offer, but that was just on the first night. We still had a week to go. And that’s where the fun began.

Our timing was perfect. We experienced King’s Day, which was outdoor party near the canal. King Day celebrates inauguration of King Willem-Alexander. There was orange everywhere,live music in different areas, DJs everywhere, parties and a citywide street market.

We spent our days walking the streets of Amsterdam, bike riding and enjoying our urban adventure. Whenever I travel, I always workout whether it’s jogging through the city and typically crossfit.

We also rented a car to drive to Brussels which was about two hours and 15 minutes away. We couldn’t leave the Netherlands without having mussels in Brussels!

On the way back from Brussels, we stopped for dinner in Rotterdam which is definitely worth an overnighter. It also has vibrant nightlife and architecture worthy of your time.

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