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How To Get Away With Murder

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder builds on what we’ve been seeing thus far. We pick up from Annalise’s arrest. Oliver is frantically trying to wipe her phone while she’s getting mug shots taken, but you know how this show does. That was the present. Now it’s time to flashback to six weeks before that.


Annalise is playing house with Nate (he’s been staying with her), and he informed her that he filed a missing persons report on Frank. That makes her nervous because she’s a control freak and wants to handle it herself (and because you know she has plans in motion to find him). However, Nate is thinking about the greater good. Ya’ll know Frank is crazy and liable to kill more people.


Annalise is still teaching, despite university efforts to keep her out of the classroom. The new trial is a tabloid murder case (an escort turned up dead and of course the client they’re defending is creepy enough to have most likely done it). They’re joining mid-trial and Michaela is the lead. While Annalise’s crew is busy with the case, Laurel is in Miami. Annalise sent her “to see her father,” but we’re all up on game (including Laurel’s dad). It’s about finding Frank. Annalise is a smart cookie because Laurel’s father tracked Frank down (being the concerned father that he is, he decided to spy on his daughter after she stopped communicating with him) and told Laurel where to find him.

Back to the case.

The client eventually confessed that he did kill a girl, not the girl in question though (well, not on purpose), but someone is framing him for the girl he’s on trial for. Once Annalise got wind of this, she realized how much more serious the case got and took Michaela off of it so she could get down to business.


Laurel finally got in touch with Frank, who told her that Annalise tried to kill him. He then told Laurel to tell Annalise that they’re even and there’s no need to send any more hit men his way. Laurel freaked out immediately, just as Frank hung up. She was open af.


Annalise surprisingly felt morally weird about representing her creepo client so she worked out a deal where he got three years in prison as a way to pay him back for the way he has treated women, and she leaked where the body of the girl he intentionally killed was hidden without revealing that he did it. It was her way of redeeming her image in the eyes of the public, especially the university.


Laurel got back to town and went straight to Annalise’s house, but she didn’t tell her that her dad found Frank and that she actually spoke to him. Instead she made of some story about hitting a dead-end. We know that’s gonna come back to bite her in the butt, though.


Back in the present, at Annalise’s arrest.

We now know that Bonnie isn’t dead because she showed up and acted as Annalise’s lawyer—but then the firemen got word that there’s another occupant in the burning house, and that body has a pulse.

There are five episodes left until all of this starts to make sense, and we find out who the heck got burned to a crisp (as long as it’s not Nate’s fine self).


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