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Is there anything better in this world than watching a Trump supporter get schooled? Well, this week, we’re proud to say the sermon of common sense was handed down to a Black Republican named Stacy Washington by our very own Kierna Mayo, Sr. Vice President of Content and Brand at Interactive One.
Appearing on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon on Thursday night, Ms. Mayo expertly explained to conservative radio host and blogger Washington why Trump’s blanket statement, that the Black community in America is “living in hell,” is flat out wrong — both for the messenger and the message.

“First of all to pretend that Donald Trump at this point has any real vested interest in the well being of African Americans I think is a waste of anyone’s time,” Mayo said to Lemon, adding, “We’re not going to allow his narrative to define our decision making when it comes to this election.”

When Washington defended Trump’s “Blacks are living in hell,” comment, Mayo fired back: “Who is he to say how Blacks are living at all?” Washington went on to have a brief tirade until Mayo shut it down with this: “Ma’am,” she said. “You’re on national television defending Donald Trump, that speaks for its self.”

Clearly, this kind of real talk was just too much for Ms. Washington, who seemed to come unhinged during the conversation:

We couldn’t be more proud.
SOURCE: RightSightings | PHOTO: Getty

#GoGirl: Watch Interactive One’s Kierna Mayo Put a Black Trump Supporter On Tilt  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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