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PaleyLive NY: 'How To Get Away With Murder'

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It looks like this entire season of How to Get Away With Murder is contingent upon who the heck that charred body belongs to. It’s going to take a while, if not the entire season, for us to find out who was killed, but in the Annalise looking like a suspect. The episode opens with Annalise being questioned by police, and then we flashback to two months before that.

School officials launched an investigation into who keeps posting those “killer” fliers and articles while Annalise, who is still acting unbothered by the whole situation, keeps her job for now. Her students get to play lawyer this semester so they’re working on a new case. Enter Irene, a woman who killed her husband, but alleges he was abusive. She’s up for parole, but has to convince the notoriously tough parole board to let her go. Connor ended up getting the case and has a lot of work to do if he’s going to win because Irene is a tough cookie.

In other Annalise business, the search for Frank is still on. She enlisted Nate’s help to help track Frank down. In side vignettes, we see Frank scrambling to cover his tracks for yet another murder he committed (remember, he killed the PI that Annalise hired to track him).

Back to the case, Connor found himself floundering. He basically snapped at the parole board because Irene wasn’t really defending herself, or talking at all for that matter. He couldn’t turn to Annalise because she took a step back to force him to save himself (you know how she do) and learn at the same time. At one point, Connor decided to tell Irene about how he killed someone and got away with it. It was his way of trying to bond with her. Annalise was standing outside their room and heard that entire conversation. Oops. Later on, she called Connor out about it and warned him that if anyone finds out about that her career reputation is on the line (understatement of the year).

On a more lighthearted note, you know that Asher and Michaela have been messing around on the low. Well, Asher caught feelings and wants to make it public and official. Michaela repeatedly shut him down. However, Connor ended up finding out about the two of them later on, like we knew was going to happen (someone was bound to catch on). Real recognizes real, though, so maybe Connor won’t tell.


Speaking of Connor, his openness with Irene worked because she finally started talking to the parole board. She shared horrific stories of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband, and explained why she bludgeoned him to death with a hammer, and how killing her abusive husband “finally set her free.” Her honesty moved the tough parole board enough to grant her application for parole and order her immediate release. Congrats to Connor for winning his case!


Annalise was suspended anyway due to killer-gate. School officials claimed that they did this to make sure that Annalise was safe, but really, they were embarrassed and afraid to lose donor dollars. But you know Annalise doesn’t play when it comes to her career. She told them they were being ridiculous because she is the victim in the situation (trueee), and she threatened to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against them if they want to keep playing. She also informed them that they could lock her out her classroom all they want, but they’d never stop her from teaching her students.


Fast-forward two months later, back to the fire. Annalise got arrested. We don’t know for what exactly, but she did manage to hand Oliver a phone and tell him to erase everything on it before it all went down.


Only two episodes deep and already so much drama! Will Annalise ever catch a break? That woman needs a real vacation.


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