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Church Protest

Source: Tonya Jameson / Tonya Jameson

A coalition of grassroots activists met on Wednesday to organize at a north Charlotte church to network and strategize. This wasn’t simply a gripe session or more calls for the resignations for Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Chief Kerr Putney. This group wanted to talk about next steps. The television cameras are dwindling. It’s mostly local media now. Soon even local cameras will be gone, but the problems that sparked the riots and fuel the continued protests will still be here.


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“We have to build each other to sustain this,” said Cat ? Southeastern Asian Coalition. “This is a long game.”

Protestors Voice Their Anger At City Council
City Council Protest
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SEAC is one of several organizations represented on Wednesday at a meeting that drew several dozen people.

“This is our fight too,” she said. “We are linked. If other Southeast Asians don’t know that, we tell them. We’re not going to be free unit the Black community is free.”

Other speakers talked about the importance of exposing more Charlotteans to the challenges happening in less affluent parts of the city.

“Forget national,” said one woman. “It starts here. If you can’t control what’s going on locally you can’t control national.”

Charlotte Uprising presented a list of 10 demands.They included include demilitarization of the police department, defunding the police department and redirecting the money into neighborhoods, release of people arrested in connection with the protest over Keith Lamont Scott’s shooting, release of names of all officers involved, reparations for Scott’s family.

Watch the hype chant video from tonight’s video.


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