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Variety's Power Of Women: New York

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Tonight’s episode of Power opens with a convenience store robbery in Washington, DC. Basically, one friend watching is trying to convince his friend not to do it, but it’s too late. Eventually, a police officer shows up. Enter Laverne aka “Jukebox.” It turns out that she put them up to it. Things don’t go as planned so Jukebox handles everything. Basically, she is as corrupt as they come, but she’s living a double life. The public thinks she’s an upstanding police officer, but based on these few scenes we can already tell that she is cold blooded. Meanwhile, she’s also harboring Kanan at her place. He called her to come get him from a hospital in New York, which she did because they go way back. He’s still badly burned, definitely in need of some surgery, and treatment, but he’d rather take the back door approach to recovery. Luckily for Kanan Jukebox’s girlfriend is an RN. The only problem is, Kanan won’t tell Jukebox what the heck happened to him and why he needed her to come pick him up so she took his meds.

Tasha, Tommy and Holly are getting into the hair weave “business.” Tasha has a connect through Keisha (who doesn’t know what’s going on), who can supply them with the hair, but of course this is just a front for bigger plans. Tasha has Holly working in Keisha’s shop, but informed Holly not to tell Keisha anything. If ish goes down then Keisha really can say she knows nothing. Problem is, there’s animosity between Holly and Keisha. Keisha remembers Holly as the girl who stole Tasha’s earrings, so she’s not really feeling her. But in a surprising twist, Holly and Tasha seem to be starting to get along. However, we know Holly is a snake so we can’t be fooled into thinking this is genuine. She’s pretending to be cool with Tasha all while pushing her man to kill the father of Tasha’s kids. It’s cool though because Tasha is no rookie and she definitely ain’t no fool.



James is living in Lala Land, still trying to make blended family life with Angela happen. He has Angela going apartment hunting so that they can move into a bigger place to accommodate the kids, and he’s busy trying to make new business connects to take his clubs to the next level. Meanwhile, Greg is still stalking them and harassing Angela about the fact that he knows that James is Ghost, and informed her that James is still hiding stuff from her.


Tariq brought a gun to school, which brought James and Tasha back together to handle this business. James blamed Tasha for leaving the gun around, but it turned out to be Angela’s gun. She got sloppy and left it out when the kids were last over. Tariq faced automatic expulsion, but Tasha sweet-talked his dean (aka mentioned the right amount of money) enough to keep him in the school and now Tasha is not cool with her kids being around Angela. And we’re all reminded of how frustrating it is that foolish Jamie let Tasha go. Tariq claimed he took the gun to school for protection since Sean got shot, but it’s obvious that he’s acting out because of his parents’ messed up situation. Even though, staying strapped isn’t a bad idea for anyone in this world with all the dangers lurking.

Jamie confronted Angela about her negligence and she claimed she wasn’t able to put the gun back in the safe because he brought the kids to her place too early. It finally became clear to Jamie hat she’s a rookie when it comes to children. James asked her why she was carrying a gun anyway, but she reminded him that she worked high-risk cases. She then asked him if he’d seen Tommy lately just to be petty since he was scolding her. He came clean, kind of, about stopping by Tommy’s place. Angela apologized for her negligence and they both decided that perhaps they rushed the family thing too soon.


Speaking of kids, Holly is pregnant, but instead of telling Tommy, she freaked out and demanded that Tommy tell her what the plan was for killing Ghost because it hasn’t happened fast enough. Tommy got a text from Tariq saying he needed help, in the middle of this convo, so he went to answer the call of uncle duty. Hold that thought.

Kanan finally told Jukebox why he’s at her place and what Ghost did to him. Being that she’s a cop, she found out that Sean was dead and asked him what the heck happened with that too. She initially thought Ghost killed Sean, but Kanan admitted that he did it, and she didn’t even flinch because by now we’ve established that she’s a cold-blooded gangsta. In her mind, Sean wasn’t loyal for picking Ghost so Kanan had to do what he had to do. Plus, Ghost raised Sean anyway.


They decided that there won’t be any more secrets between them and once Kanan gets on his feet, they’ll be doing some business together. We should all be afraid.


That text from Tariq turned out to be from Ghost. It was the only way he could get Tommy to come see him. Ghost knows Lobos wants him dead, but doesn’t know that it’s Tommy who is the designated assassin. Ghost wants to get back in business with Tommy and reminded him that once Lobos is done with him then he’s going to be next. Tommy wasn’t feeling Ghost and basically told him he can’t help him, but we all know that Ghost is right about Lobos. Tommy, unfortunately, always has to get his lessons the hard way.


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