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We’re back and so is Power. The third episode, “I Got This On Lock” seems to start out as another show entirely. We get the bird’s-eye view of a pharmacy robbery in progress (shades of Menace II Society). One would-be robber seems a little more reluctant than the other. He texts somebody and then the cavalry in the name of a female D.C. police officer (Anika Noni Rose) arrives. Uh-oh. But turns out it’s uh-oh for the store owner and the would-be robber as the cop shoots both dead.

How’s this for a corrupt police officer? I’m sure that didn’t play well for Power’s cop fans. Oh well. Now if you’ve seen Anika Noni Rose play other roles in shows like The Good Wife and The #1 Ladies Detective Agency or in her tear-jerking turn in Tyler Perry’s version of For Colored Girls, you are likely surprised by this badass role as Laverne “Jukebox” Thomas, who turns out to be a profoundly crooked cop with a robbery crew at her disposal.

And…….she’s Kanan’s cousin. That is for sure one dysfunctional clan. Dammit, he’s also back and we can’t say we’re happy. We doubt that Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson’s ego will ever let him write himself off the show, but we can hope. Well, at least he’s immobile and burnt up for the time being, dependent on Evil Anika, I mean Jukebox’s, care. We’re not quite sure what Jukebox is up to, but she’s got her girlfriend trying to see if Kanan’s seduce-able while getting him hooked on ‘lean’ to ease the pains of his torching by Ghost. This can’t go well, but as long as Kanan suffers, we’re here for it.

Back at star-crossed lover’s lane, Ghost/James (Omari Hardwick) and Angela (Lela Loren) get all cutesy over a run. Really, don’t y’all have more to worry about than who can beat who in a footrace? Turns out Angela sure does, because here comes Scary Greg (Andy Bean) who has eyes on the couple and is determined to get Ghost. See what I did there?

He hooks up with a DEA contact who agrees to help, especially if it means problems for Angela. Meantime, Three The Hard Way a.k.a. Holly (Lucy Walters) Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Tasha (Naturi Naughton) are cleaning the money via their new legitimate business, selling hair. Umm, LaKeisha (La La Anthony) isn’t feeling Holly (who is?) but are you telling me that you think Tasha’s really investing in your business with legal dollars? Ain’t you supposed to be hood?

Unexpectedly, Holly turns out to have a few hood skills herself when she saves her and Tasha during a car stop (with a bag of cash at her feet) by telling the cop that Tasha’s her nanny. Surprise, surprise, Tasha’s command of a Caribbean accent and Holly’s quick thinking make it work. The cop walks away. Hmmm, some subtle cop shade on tonight’s show.

On the drug front, Tommy’s got some issues, because the Koreans are selling inferior coke on these streets and the streets know Tommy and Ghost sell top-notch product. It’s like if Tide starting selling inferior washing liquid or Kellogg’s sold off-brand cereal. Their customers would notice. But how do we know? Because – thank you, Power writers, thank you – Julio (J.R. Martinez)  has the hottest sex scene EVER with a Korean prostitute.

Did we say HOT? Lawdamercy. I’d boycott this show if he’s ever killed off. Good Jesus, that man is fine, clothing on or off. The prostitute, who in a funny scene turns out to be from New Jersey, not Korea, lets Julio know the cocaine the Koreans are selling is wack, although, she assures him, his sex game is not. (Siiiigh.) Julio calls Tommy right away and a sit down happens where Tommy asks the Koreans to be patient on the re-up and to stop selling the lesser product. This doesn’t turn out too well for the son who made that decision and he loses a finger in the process. Ouch.

Remember the gun from last episode? Yep. Tariq (Micheal Rainey, Jr.) decides to take it to school and gets caught. Is this his cry for help in his parent’s divorce? Well, whatever, he’s about to get kicked out until Tasha suggests to the headmistress that even though her son bought a gun to school, she’s willing to pay her way out of any problem, especially given that Tariq’s not the first kid to do something stupid or violent. And since her son is Black, she deserves the same opportunity white parents have to pay to cover up his sins. In any case, Tasha’s right. Enough money will make anything go away at this snooty school.

Ghost feels bad since the gun is Angela’s, but Tasha puts a quick end to those overnight visits with the kids. Tariq isn’t too appreciative of his parent’s work on his behalf keeping him in school and all and smarts off to them when they put him on punishment. Hmmm, problems are coming on all sides for Ghost/James.

Ghost is till trying to hook up with Tommy and Tommy’s paying him no mind. Angela and Ghost/James are also having problems, mostly because neither one is being totally honest with the other. Because how could a love between a federal prosecutor investigating drug crimes and a drug dealer go wrong? But after a little bit of mea culpa confessions on both sides, Angela and Ghost come to some kind of peace. Well, even star-crossed love takes work.

Kanan overhears Jukebox’s criminal plans –  or at least some of them – and wants in. She’s reluctant but the two cousins bond over his confession that he killed Shawn. She commends him for his ‘courage’ in eliminating someone who was disloyal, despite him being a close blood relative and all. Evil Anika, I mean, Jukebox, is pretty damn cold. She says he’s not ready for the big score yet, him being burnt up and all.

Ghost/James finally tricks Tommy into a face to face meet. He wants to know if Lobos is after him. Hell, yeah. But Tommy doesn’t let on, mindful that his ass is dead if he betrays Lobos and that means Holly’s is, too. But Ghost does have a point which may or may not settle in Tommy’s thick head – that Lobos, once he gets what he wants from Tommy, can just send someone after him.

And oh, Lawd, is Holly pregnant? Well, there doesn’t seem to be any safe sex happening on Power, so yup, Holly’s knocked up. Whoa. This chick will likely become even more annoying, considering that target on her back is now meant for two.

Until next week, Power fans!

Quote of the Episode: “You ain’t Black no more. You blue.” Kanan

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