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More details about WikiLeaks’ Democratic National Committee email dump have been revealed. According to reports, one of the emails sent between DNC staffers mocked the name of LaQueenia Gibson—an African-American woman who serves as an executive assistant for Haddad Brands, a children’s clothing store. The initial email was sent from Haddad Chief Product Officer Rob Smith to DNC Finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer and TIPAH Consulting’s Zachary Allen. “I’m going to have LaQueenia send out some options for next week. Hopefully we can all get on the phone and reenergize this event,” wrote Smith. Comer forwarded the email to Allen saying “just kill me now.” Allen responded by writing, “LaQueenia is a NAME! I’m sorry, boo. I hope you got a raise with this title.” Comer then said, “LaQueenia is already my favorite. And I did. Praise the Lord.” Several people took to Twitter to call out the DNC for their racism. “Another DNC member made fun of the name LaQueenia. Also knowing Hillary people were spying on the Sanders campaign. Y’all are ok with this?,” posted one user. “Someone in the #DNC seems to have issues with the name LaQueenia. Please tell me again who the bigots/racists are,” posted another. Read more.

CBC: Donald Trump Has ‘No Plans’ to Address Black Issues

The Congressional Black Caucus is using its platform to bring attention to faults in Donald Trump’s campaign. The group recently said they believe Trump has no intentions of addressing issues faced by the African-American community. “You want to know why your polling numbers are so dismal among African-Americans? I will tell you. We know you have gotten rich through your business, but we also know your wealth” has grown “at the expense of other people,” said Rep. G.K. Butterfield as he was joined on stage by other CBC members on Wednesday at the DNC. “We know you have no plan to address issues directly affecting African-Americans.” Indiana Rep. Andre Carson said he feels slighted by Trump’s rhetoric. “I stand here … as a young African-American Muslim and former police officer,” said Carson. “Millions of good-hearted Muslims and African-Americans like me have watched the deep-seated hatred of the past once again become mainstream. We have been singled out in the national spotlight as threats to be dealt with.” Read more.

Bow Wow Causes Social Media Stir After Tweets about Politics and Race

Former rapper Bow Wow caused a stir on social media after posting tweets about politics and race. When asked who he planned to vote for, Bow Wow, real name Shad Moss, said he doesn’t plan on voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. “I don’t really care because after I learned what I learned about politics. I just stay away. Let down,” he posted. After a Twitter user said he should exercise his right to vote because African-Americans worked so hard for him and others to have that option, he shared that he doesn’t plan on voting because he’s of mixed race. “Man, I only believe what the eyes see. I’m mixed. I don’t know what my ancestors was [sic] doing. I only know what I see … I seen [sic] ‘Selma.’ Was I related to anyone, no. I’m saying my moss side of family is not Black. Heritage different.” He then claimed that his family was White and Native American and took to Instagram to post a photo of his fair-skinned father. Read more.

VH1 and Ice Cube Join Forces for ‘Hip Hop Squares’

VH1 and Ice Cube are joining forces to bring back the game show Hollywood Squares with a hip-hop twist. The show, which is scheduled to premiere in the Fall of 2016, will feature notable entertainers and test them on pop culture. “Ice Cube is one of the most prolific figures in Hip Hop history and American culture at large. We are thrilled to partner with him and CBS Distribution to reinvent one of America’s most iconic game shows with ‘Hip Hop Squares,’” said VH1 and Logo President Chris McCarthy. Cube is excited about the upcoming project. “’Hip Hop Squares’ is going to be fun and spontaneous; unlike typical game shows, viewers should never know what’s going to happen next. When VH1 asked us to join the producing team, we jumped aboard as we have had success with VH1, and we love their team, excitement and commitment to the show.” The show will be created by Cube Vision, The Firm, and Jesse Collins Entertainment. Read more.


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