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Let me just start by saying… a proud Charlottean, I’m PISSED!!! The commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver has announced that the NBA will be moving the “2017 All Star Game” because of House Bill 2. I mean really…..this is just plain unacceptable & ridiculous!! I mean how could you let one of the biggest events EVER to converge on this city, just slip away?!? This would have been the perfect set up for getting the Super Bowl later, amongst other great events. I mean really Pat McCrory?!? This House Bill 2 thing means that much to you that you will let over $100 million dollars as well as putting our city & state on another level just walk out the door?? Really??!?  Wow, this was just a bad move……all the way around, on every front. Man…..I’m OUT.

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