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Kanye West & Dame Dash

Taylor Swift may beg to differ, but Kanye West is not a name slanderer, according to a judge.

The rapper and his longtime colleague Damon Dash were sued last year by a member of Loisaidas, a Latin singing group, who claims the name has been tarnished by West and Dash. Michael Medina said the name was used to promote murder, violence, and drug sales in the duo’s movie collaboration of the same name.

On Thursday, the suit was dismissed after Judge Katherine Forrest disagreed with Medina’s claims. “Loisaidas,” which refers to Manhattan’s Lower East Side, is apparently fair game considering that’s where the film takes place and has nothing to do with the singing group.

Judge Forrest said the Loisaidas film title “clearly has artistic relevance” and that Medina’s complaint “is devoid of concrete allegations that defendants attempted to suggest that plaintiff’s duo produced the work; to the contrary, as evidenced by Exhibit D to the operative complaint, materials promoting the film prominently informed the reader that it was ‘Executive Produced: Dame Dash & Kanye West.’”

The news comes just days after Kanye celebrated his late mom’s birthday with a touching message.

Finally, a win for Mr. West this week.

SOURCE: Billboard | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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