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Remember last week when Lyfe Jennings showed Karlie Redd the ring he bought for her and she fell flat on the ground, being dramatic because she thought he was going to propose? Well, tonight’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta picked up after she gathered herself and got back on the bench.

As it turned out, Lyfe decided to let her keep the ring, but he said he wouldn’t be marrying her because she played herself (you know, with the whole Scrapp Deleon thing). He realized she’s not the one for him and for some stupid reason (*coughs story line*), she got hysterical and told Lyfe she’ll change for him and that he never took a chance on her anyway and that he kept disappearing (pulls out tiny violin). He said he gave her several chances in their year-and-a-half of dating, but she insists on being an ancient bird. Womp womp.

There’s lots more relationship drama to come, which seemed to be the central theme of this episode (as usual).

Next up is Yung Joc’s situation with Amber Priddy. At first he felt weird about telling J-Nicks that he slept with his girl on-again-off-again girlfriend, but it turned out J-Nicks didn’t really care because he’s really trying to move forward with Tiarra. The plan is for J-Nicks to bring Tiarra to Amber’s event that Joc is hosting later on. That way, J-Nicks can finally demonstrate he’s ready to move on with someone else. Lawd, this is so messy.


The next bit of relationship drama features by Tammy Rivera. We’ve long been following this story line, but here is where we get to see it. Tammy and Waka Flocka have decided to separate from each other. Tammy is emphatic about the fact they’re “not divorcing just yet,” but they need time apart. In the meantime, she plans to move out of their house and focus more on her career. Later on, Tammy had a chat with Deb after her fashion show about what’s going on between her and Waka Flocka. Deb was at the show for support because she obviously loves Tammy, and the drama between her kids hurts her. But we definitely weren’t ready for Deb to tear up when Tammy revealed everything that has been going on. Seeing Deb get emotional definitely means that ish is really real. The two women shared a teary-eyed embrace and you could tell they both hope this isn’t the end. But really, Waka better start acting right.



Meanwhile in L.A., Stevie J is hosting a pool party featuring Atlanta ratchets pretending they’re classy. Karlie Redd is there, Jessica Dime is there, Joseline Hernandez is there, Tommie is there, Tiarra is there, and you know it’s about to go down at some point. Karlie, during some girl talk with Jessica and Tiarra, called herself “being mature” by telling Tiarra she was sexing Scrapp. Don’t you just love how Karlie is always trying to pretend that her dead wrong behavior is “just her looking out?” It ‘s no wonder Joseline hauled off and bopped her in the head with a bouquet of flowers that time. Anyway, this obviously didn’t go well. Tiarra goes off, and she and Karlie almost throw hands. Security had stepped in. However, not before Tiarra threw Karlie’s Céline bag in the water. Once that was done (and the women had left), Jessica then started going in on Joseline (who was watching the fighting with a smirk on her face, which obviously didn’t please Jessica). As it turned out, Stevie invited Jessica to the party “to get a rise out of Joseline.” Funny thing is, all these women were calling each other “trashy.” Classic case of pots meeting kettles.


Amber, like 90 percent (that is an unscientific but accurate stat) of women on reality TV, decided to have an event celebrating the launch of her cosmetics line. J-Nicks kept true to his promise and brought his new squeeze, Tiarra, to the event. Amber was there with Yung Joc so you wouldn’t think she’d get upset, but uh … wrong. Amber and Tiarra started throwing verbal darts at each other and attempted to throw hands, but security handled that. This is far from over though.



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