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When it comes to Bill and Hillary Clinton, conspiracy theories abound simply because of the family’s ability to endure scandal after scandal. How else could they survive if it weren’t for a dollop of deceit, murder, and greed?

NewsOne has gathered five Clinton conspiracies that were unproven and denied, yet live on because…the internet. Many have resurfaced as Hillary Clinton makes her way towards the Democratic presidential nomination.

Plenty of fodder here for the likes of Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee who likes a good conspiracy theory.

Bill is not the father of the couple’s only daughter, Chelsea.

Hillary Clinton Holds New York Primary Night Gathering In Manhattan

Black Bag recently revisited the conspiracy that Bill Clinton is sterile, and Chelsea’s real father is Clinton confidant and “federal tax evader Webb Hubbell.”

“Hillary’s connection to Hubbell goes all the way back to her days at Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm in the late ‘70s (it’s worth noting that Chelsea Clinton was born in 1980),” the site says. According to a New Yorker profile of Hillary from 1994:

Eventually, Hillary became good friends with two other lawyers at the Rose firm, Vincent Foster and Webster Hubbell. Professionally, the three lawyers were a tightly meshed team. Diane Blair, who has known Hillary since the mid-seventies and is now probably her closest friend, told me, “They were so great together—like basketball players, where they can pass and don’t even have to look.”

The article does go on to say that the bond “was said to be strongest” between Hillary and (the late) Vince Foster. But maybe that’s just what Hillary wanted The New Yorker to think. What’s more, when Bill Clinton ascended to the presidency in 1993, he appointed Webb to U.S. Associate Attorney General. Hubbell later resigned in 1994 before pleading guilty to federal mail fraud and tax evasion.

White House deputy counsel Vince Foster committed suicide.

Pallbearers remove the casket of deputy White Hous

It is widely known that Vince Foster, former Clinton White House counsel, committed suicide in 1993, and there is no evidence that the Clintons had anything to do with his death. But Trump was criticized last week for invoking Foster’s name in his fight against Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. He told The Washington Post there’s something “very fishy” about Foster’s death, suspicions that reporter Robert Costa expounded upon, prompting Foster’s sister to swat him down.

Ron Brown’s plane crashed.

U.S. President-elect Bill Clinton (C) hugs Democra

Ron Brown, former Democratic National Committee chairman and U.S. Commerce Secretary, reportedly died in a plane crash in Croatia, but new evidence reveals he may have been shot in the head, according to Snopes, which cites a lengthy list of deaths associated with Bill Clinton that began circulating on the internet in August 1998.

In 1995, Brown had apparently failed to properly report large payments from a business partner, sparking a federal investigation. At the time of his death, he was being “investigated by a special investigator and was about to be indicted with 54 others. He spoke publicly of his willingness to ‘make a deal’ with the prosecutors to save himself a few days before the fatal trip,” the report says. “He was not supposed to be on the flight but was asked to go at the last-minute.”

James McDougal dies of a heart attack.

Whitewater Hearings In Congress

James McDougal and his wife Susan were financial partners with the Clintons in the real estate deal that led to the Whitewater scandal of the 1990s. James McDougal, who was convicted, died of an apparent heart attack while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in the probe, writes Snopes.

C. Victor Raiser II dies in plane crash.

Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton (C) p

Wrapping up the list, Raiser, the former National Finance Co-Chairman of Clinton for President, and his son, Montgomery, both died in a suspicious private plane crash in Alaska in 1992. No cause for the crash was determined, and Raiser was considered to be a major player on the Clinton team, writes Snopes.

SOURCE: Black BagSnopesThe Washington PostNew Yorker | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 


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