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Chris Brown

Chris Brown has a documentary on the way directed by Andrew Sandler and produced by Riveting Entertainment.

As we all know, Chris went from being America’s sweetheart to public enemy number one. Chris Brown “Welcome To My Life” will hopefully give us a new perspective.

People tend to have an insensitive view of entertainers as it pertains to them as human beings. Our environment is our learned behavior. Our learned behavior, whether verbally or visually taught, is the foundation of our maturation. We all go through phases in our lives from being mischievous children to know-it-all teenagers, then by grace, adults. None of us were/are perfect, so to sit back and look at entertainers with an overly judgmental eye just isn’t fair. In honor of Chris Brown’s birthday, let’s look for change with a positive eye at the transformation that his daughter Royalty has helped bring about. 

Christopher Maurice Brown was born May 5, 1989. A self-taught singer and dancer with a distinctive voice and body movements of an effortless breeze, Chris took the music world by storm with back to back double platinum albums. He weathered his parents’ divorce and watched domestic abuse at the hands of his mother’s boyfriend. When he started dating Rihanna, the two became hip-hop’s fairytale lovers. Then one fateful night, Chris’s learned behavior became a reality and not only did it put a blemish on his record, it tarnished the way the world viewed him. People no longer looked at him as the next coming of his idol Michael Jackson. All they could see is another spoiled young singer gone bad.

Then Chris Brown’s saving grace came in the form of a beautiful little girl named Royalty. Although she may not have been planned, she could not have come into his life at a better time. No PR firm on this earth could have done a better job with Chris Brown then his princess Royalty. Royalty changed a boy into a man, one that recognizes that his life is now another young person’s learned behavior. A man who chose to fight for her custody in a court of law, instead of with his fist, for the court of public opinion. Showering her with not only gifts, but more importantly love. A love that has caused Chris Brown to show his heart as we continue to watch him grow into the great man that Rihanna and others said he was all along.

Music quiets the beast, but the love of a child softened his heart.

What are your thoughts: is Chris really public enemy number one, or can you see the change? Check out the transformation gallery below.


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