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PaleyLive NY: 'How To Get Away With Murder'

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We’re used to juicy season finales by now from the Shondaland camp, but this one was definitely one for the books. The episode opens with the gang frantically searching for Annalise, who is at her mom’s house, because there’s a warrant out for her arrest. Remember, she bounced after Laurel got froggy with her. Back in Philly, Laurel tells Frank what she said, which triggers his own flashbacks to some shady behavior he was involved in 10 years ago. Basically, we see him taking a briefcase full of money from a woman in what looks like a situation where he might be a gigolo, but more on that later because it’s a doozy.

Nate goes to see Annalise at her mom’s house down south, and informs her about the warrant. He wants her to head back to Philly immediately, but she doesn’t want to leave too soon so that she doesn’t raise suspicion. Just when the conversation was about to get heated, Annalise’s mom comes outside to be nosey, invites Nate in for dinner, and doesn’t take no for an answer. And you already know Annalise’s family grilled him when he was at the table. Annalise was adamant about shutting down their questions about Nate’s personal life and also about keeping news of the warrant away from them. However, it hurt when mom starts chastising her about never having children, which obviously triggered Annalise’s painful memory of losing her baby. It’s also surprising that Annalise never told her mom she was pregnant, but this actually led to some real grieving and healing as Annalise finally told her mom what happened and they ended up doing a backyard burial ceremony in honor of Little Sam.

Finally, Annalise faces work and checks her voicemail only to find out that Caleb He went missing because he became a snitch, and started feeding the police information about her, hence the arrest warrant. So, Annalise had no choice but to go home where she learned that her charges were obstruction of justice and hindering prosecution of Hapstall case. Annalise, always the quick thinker, already had a story in her back pocket. She told the ADA that Caleb is actually a serial killer…and she has proof. This is when we flashback to the night when Phillip seemingly attacked her. Phillip wasn’t trying to kill her. He actually brought her proof that it was Caleb who killed his parents. Come to find out, Katherine had been cooperating with Annalise and co all along after Phillip convinced her to let Caleb go. Basically, she was actually in love with Caleb and didn’t tell that she knew that he had been up to because of her feelings, but she plans to testify against Caleb in court when the time comes. Basically, Caleb was trying to make sure he was the sole Hapstall child to inherit millions, so he tried to set up Phillip and Katherine to take respective falls.


But like…is this real? Y’all know Annalise be scheming. It seems like this is a real story, but you just never know!

And then we cut to the scene of Caleb in the bathtub after having killed himself as we hear the news report that he has been implicated as the real murderer.

And now back to Frank’s flashback. We saw Frank taking money because he was paid to plant a bug in Annalise’s hotel room after revealing to the Mahoney’s that she was planning to go to the police about Rose’s death. Mahoney then put a hit on her, which led to the car accident that took the baby’s life. Frank confessed what he did to Sam, who told him to keep it to himself because it would crush Annalise, but let him know that he owes him a favor, which ended up resulting in Lila’s death.

And that is why Frank has been so loyal to Annalise all these years. Flash forward to present day and we find Bonnie telling Annalise the truth about what Frank did.

The episode concludes with Wes confronting Wallace Mahoney. However, a gunshot rings out right after Wes reveals that he thinks they’re father and son, and we cut to Mahoney’s corpse lying on the ground.

You know…there’s just something about Wes and people connected to him dying.


We don’t see who the shooter is, but there’s reason to believe it’s Frank, and now we have to wait until next season.


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