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Born Again Virgin Cast

Source: Kyle Christy / TV One

Jenna is in a state of pondering her female relationships for a new article she’s working on. This article comes just in time for Tara’s childhood friend Carmen’s impending visit. This means, that Jenna can tag along with them for observation and inspiration for her piece.

In Kelly’s world, she is preparing to meet Raj’s parents, and she’s extremely nervous about it, but let’s get back to Jenna’s situation with Tara and Carmen. Jenna thought she was going to have a nice girl’s night out, but what she wasn’t prepared for was that Tara’s friend is trifling. Carmen is a thief (she steals clothes from department stores, and wallets in particular), and has plans to get impregnated by an athlete for a quick meal ticket. Jenna also wasn’t feeling the fact that Tara and Carmen were dancing on the bar, and to make things worse, Carmen tried to coax Tara to the bathroom to do coke. That’s when Jenna realized she needed to figure out how to get Tara to break up that toxic friendship.

Kelly’s dinner with Raj’s parents went well until marriage talk came up. Raj’s mom started rambling about wedding plans that haven’t even been made yet. Luckily for Kelly, Raj told Mom Dukes to chill out because his stance is that what happens in their relationship should be private. Raj also informed his parents that they’re not on the marriage track just yet and that Kelly is interested in focused more so on working on her career than having children. Raj’s mom was upset at first and said she could never support her son being with a woman who isn’t willing to give up her career to have children. But later on, Mama Raj comes around and both his parents decided to let it be. They even gave Kelly a traditional sari as a peace offering.

Tara finally realizing that her friendship with Carmen is over, especially after Carmen gets arrested…for her alleged involvement in a homicide.


Anyway, the moral of this episode is that sometimes friendships come and go in seasons, and that’s okay.

‘Born Again Virgin’ Recap: Jenna Realizes That Not All Friendships Are Meant To Last  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com