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FROM THE DAILY MIRROR: Friends are saying that model Noemie Lenoir, 30, who has fronted campaigns for L’oréal, Gap, and Victoria’s Secret, downed a cocktail of drugs and alcohol at the home of on-again/off-again-boyfriend, baby daddy and soccer player Claude Makelele, after he said they had no future together.

Model Noemie Lenoir Found After Alleged Suicide Attempt

According to sources, French model Noemie has had difficulty moving on from Claude since they split last year. They share the care of their five-year-old son, Kelyan.

She had been dating Swiss millionaire Carl Hirschmann, but friends say Claude, 37, is “the love of her life” and she has struggled to come to terms with his latest romance.

Reports suggest her fragile state of mind was not helped when Hirschmann, 29 – who is embroiled in a sex and extortion scandal in Zurich – dumped her on Saturday.

A friend of Makelele’s said:

“Claude and Noemie’s relationship is known in France as une histoire d’amour – a love story and a sad one. To us they are like the Beckhams, huge stars. Noemi is one of the most beautiful women in France. Claude is the love of her life. She has dated other men, but none compare to him – he’s the father of their child, after all. He has been seeing other women, she’s known this, but there is one in particular he is very keen on and Noemie is devastated. She has always said she wanted to marry him. But they get back together, split, then get back together again. Now he has this new woman he has told her in no uncertain terms it’s over. She wanted to make a point with Claude that she is still in love with him, and that’s why she went to his house to attempt suicide.”

A close friend added:

“Noemie has been spiralling into depression in recent months – she has been having a crisis about turning 30, not being married and she has a fear that she’ll always be alone. When she woke up on Sunday she was terribly depressed and carried on drinking. She decided her only option was to kill herself.” READ MORE HERE!

Lenoir once dated Russell Simmons, played Genevieve in “Rush Hour 3,” and most recently appeared in Usher’s video for “Hey Daddy.”

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