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Born Again Virgin Cast

Source: Kyle Christy / TV One

David hasn’t been returning Jenna’s texts and phone calls, and she’s freaking out trying to figure out what’s going on. She’s thinking that he might have been involved in a tragic accident, but her girlfriends and boss want her to consider something more likely. Either he’s busy or just not interested in her anymore.

But this is Jenna we’re talking about so she decided to show up at his job unannounced, with lunch. David claimed that he was busy preparing for a major presentation (he still could have at least texted her back though). She asked him to dinner and he turned her down claiming he had more work to do and that he needed space. Basically, he was acting shady.

Jenna, after another chat with her girls, finally started to realize that she had been dumped, but she wasn’t going to take it lying down—no pun intended. Her assumption was that perhaps he wanted to have sex, so, desperate for attention, Jenna then showed up to David’s place wearing nothing but lingerie underneath a trench coat with plans to give it up. He liked what he saw, but he invited her inside where he finally just told her that she’s not the woman he sees himself with for the rest of his life. Ouch.

In reflecting on the situation with David, Jenna realized that she almost actually gave up her values for the sake of keeping a man, but she was glad that David decided not to take her up on the offer to have sex with him and then dump her. Jenna has decided that moving forward, she won’t be so foolish. Plus, if anyone gets the cookies, it should actually be Donovan. Let’s still hold on to hope that they will finally end up together.

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