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Sen. Marco Rubio appeared on CNN this week and talked about an issue that few Republicans dare to discuss: Racism.

Rubio (R-FL) said he understands the challenges facing young Black men in America such as racial profiling and the steady, unjust confrontations between Black men and police.

But Rubio still doesn’t get it.

He clearly missed the point about how to address — and eradicate — systemic racism in America: He believes the only the way to eliminate racism is to repair troubled schools and broken homes — instead of also supporting criminal justice reform.

Rubio is just like his fellow Republican candidates: He talks about racism in general terms, but he doesn’t offer any substantial policies that would help rid the country of racist practices that disproportionately impact African-Americans.

“There are communities in this country where minority communities and the police department have a terrible relationship,” Rubio, a Cuban-American, said this week during a town hall in South Carolina.

“I personally know someone who happens to be a police officer and a young African-American male, who told me that he’s been pulled over seven, eight times in the last few years and never gets a ticket,” Rubio said. “What is he supposed to think? He gets pulled over, never gets a ticket. No one has any explanation. What is he supposed to think?

“Whether you agree with them or not, I happen to have seen this happen,” Rubio said. “Whether you agree or not, if a significant percentage of the American family believes that they are being treated differently than everyone else, we have a problem, and we have to address it as a society and as a country.”

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