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'Scandal' Season Two Finale Event

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Tonight’s episode of Scandal was really about Papa Pope, even though he had about two scenes, but you ain’t even know it!

As usual, he presented himself to be the ghost in the machine, even though we thought we could see the hand he was playing. Let’s start at the beginning.

The episode opens with a dinner between Olivia and Rowan. You know they never could stay mad at each other no matter what, even when it comes to trying to kill each other. All seems well except, Olivia wants to know why Jake is living with him. Rowan simply replies that Jake has returned home and that she should too.

It looks like Liv is starting to get that message because she sure enough let Jake jump her bones after he showed up to her place unannounced (you know how he likes to do that stalky thing). She has to get it from somewhere, especially with Fitz out of the picture for now.

With Fitz no longer a distraction, Olivia takes on a new client, Diane, who is the head of the NSA. Her computer got hacked at home, and she had important files, namely files belonging to Project Mercury, on there that shouldn’t have been on there in the first place (because it’s illegal to take classified files home, duh). Her boyfriend has coincidentally vanished around the same time, so the Gladiators naturally blame him, but Diane doesn’t accept that.

It’s not long before Diane gets investigated and fired. Olivia tried to call Fitz to try to talk him into being lenient, but he wouldn’t take her call, which is the ultimate burn, but probably for the best. You know how they do.

Quinn eventually comes through with a tip, but by this point it’s too late. Not only is Jake announced as the new head of the NSA, but as per Quinn’s tip, he also killed Diane’s boyfriend (collateral damage to make him look guilty). For some strange reason (most likely loneliness), Fitz still trusts Jake.

The episode raps with Olivia confronting Jake at Papa Pope’s house and…yup, Rowan was behind this after all! Rowan felt that Diane was weak, and now the world is a safer place, a.k.a. Rowan is still in charge through his puppet (or puppy depending on how you look at it), Captain Ballard.

Olivia probably won’t snitch on either man, but in order to cope, she did what she does best, move on to a new project, which is helping Mellie get her publicity together because she wants to run for president.

Wait until Fitz gets a load of that.


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