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The 2016 presidential race is now in full swing, with the nation’s second primary to take place in New Hampshire on Tuesday night.

As candidates make their final push for tonight’s primary, Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel dissected the current state of the race and how candidates are trying to distinguish themselves from this year’s crop of White House hopefuls.

Before today’s discussion panel heated up, Martin; Carmen Berkley, Civil/Human and Women’s Rights Director for the AFL-CIO; Paris Dennard, Republican Communications Strategist; and Charlene Carruthers, National Director of BYP100, discussed the authenticity of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Dennard believes there is an “authenticity issue” plaguing Clinton, saying young voters are flocking to Bernie Sanders rather than Hillary Clinton because Sanders “invigorates them and he gives them energy.”

When looking at Clinton, Dennard explained young voters believe she is “guarded, she speaks like a lawyer and there is a perception that she is hiding things from them.”

The Republican strategist also believes if Clinton can get into “authentic mode,” it would yield her better results.

Now that the FBI has announced their investigation into Clinton’s emails, NewsOne Now panelist Carmen Berkley believes the “fatigue” many younger voters and people of color have for the Washington establishment may allow Sanders to rise above the “Washington D.C. drama, even though he’s a Senator.”

For Charlene Carruthers, authenticity is not an issue.

“When I see Hillary Clinton, I’m not thinking whether she’s authentic or inauthentic. I’m thinking about, is the policy that she’s going to pass and support actually going to validate the value of my life, or actually be the same old thing that her husband did or that other Democrats have done?” said Carruthers.

As the conversation shifted to Donald Trump’s run for the highest office in the land, Martin and the panel discussed the inflammatory rhetoric Trump has used to rise in the polls and his lack of specifics as it relates to a jobs plan.

Dennard explained he does not think Trump is dangerous and said the Republican frontrunner has addressed issues that are important to the Black community.

Martin challenged Dennard’s assertion that Trump is speaking on issues important to African-Americans by asking, “Have you actually heard a jobs plan from Donald Trump? Trump won’t even present a jobs plan, period — not [even] specific to Black folks … he said in the debate Saturday, ‘I’m going to bring the jobs back.’ He wouldn’t even say how.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel’s intense discussion over Trump’s presidential run, use of inflammatory rhetoric for political gain, and his lack of specifics in the video clip above.

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