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The hip-hop industry is a very interesting place. If you’re familiar with industry rule 4080, you know it’s filled with shady record company people. If you’re a kid from the projects, you know it can be your ticket out of poverty. If you’re part of the cast of WeTV’s new show Growing Up Hip-Hop, it’s just where mommy and daddy works.

Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons spearhead a reality television show about the offspring of hip-hop legends. The show features Dame Dash‘s son Boogie Dash, the late DJ Jam Master Jay‘s son, DJ TJ MizellJames DeBarge‘s daughter Kristinia DeBarge, and Treach and Pepa‘s daughter Egypt Criss.

The show initially focuses around Rev Run‘s daughter Angela, who runs in the same circles as Master P‘s son Romeo. During the first episode, Romeo is facing criticism for dating a White girl, while Angela works hard on her faux fur line. Dame Dash confronts Angela about being stressed, telling her that if someone isn’t holding a gun to her head – it’s not stress and she doesn’t know what real stress is about. The comment ruffled a few feathers for Angela.

I sat down with the entire cast and found out more about the show, which airs Thursday, January 7th at 10 p.m. on WeTV. I asked Angela how she felt when Dame Dash said her stress wasn’t “real.”

“He misunderstood me completely. People in general judge me from what they see. It’s like judging a book by its cover,” she said. “You don’t know what I go through. It all can look beautiful. I do come from a divorced four-parent home; that is something that I went through as a child. Not that my parents made me uncomfortable, but it’s still something that you go through growing up. My mom is a school teacher, so there are a lot of things that I want to do for her that in order for me to do them, I have to achieve certain things to make sure she’s good. It’s a lot on me. But while I do understand what he was saying, they both need to be handled in two different ways.”

We also get to learn some gems about Romeo’s Instagram comments, Egypt, TJ, and Kristinia as well. Press play for more.

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