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Chris Brown Listening Party For 'Royalty'

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In relationships news, Chris Brown and VIBE just got back together after being at odds since 2009. The magazine had questioned the allegiance of Brown’s fans with the cover saying, “R U Still Down?” While an alternate issue with Drake was titled ““Unstoppable”.

The publication argues that Breezy felt betrayed by the duality. “I appreciate any cover, I just don’t appreciate them using my situation” he said then referring to his infamous domestic violence situation.

Nearly seven years later, the 26-year-old Chris is a changed man. His saving grace may have been becoming a father to his one-year-old daughter, Royalty. In promoting his seventh studio album, named after his baby girl, Chris sat down with VIBE and gave what may be one of his most in-depth interviews to date.

Here are 5 things we learned about Breezy from the exclusive:

His baby momma (Nia Guzman) initially said Royalty wasn’t his:

“I had thought about it. I had saw pictures, and I was like ‘Damn.’ So I asked, and [Nia] was like ‘Nah, it’s not you.’ So I was like cool, I didn’t think it was an issue. But when I found out, it was kind of like, ‘Damn, she looks just like me.’ And I didn’t care about how me and her mother didn’t have a relationship, I didn’t care about any situation. I just wanted to see her.” He adds that he chose the infant over his oftentimes reckless lifestyle. “I have to be honest with myself and pick the priorities over the situation. I had to make my priority my daughter.”

He respects Usher’s influence on his career:

While Usher has nearly 10 more years in the industry than Chris, the “Liquor” singer has managed to have more top 75 singles than his mentor. Chris deflects the accomplishment in saying, “If it wasn’t for Usher, then Chris Brown couldn’t exist. When I would look at Usher, I would be like ‘F**k, he has it.’ The only other guy that I looked at like that was Michael Jackson.”

He’s very spiritual and is constantly praying for guidance:

“I don’t pray for success. I pray for knowledge for understanding and peace of mind. So I just try to get a peace of mind and me understanding that being at peace with my flaws and my talents. I’m cool with that. That’s why I think once He shows me certain things, or even the choices that I make, and decisions that I make that are healthy for me. He shows me the right path.”

His daughter has helped strengthen his relationship with his parents:

Chris acknowledges the juxtaposition between he and his father, Clinton Maurice Brown who is a former police officer and retired correctional officer while he is a convicted felon. “It’s kind of like being the preacher’s son, but I had to honestly do that for me to learn. I had to touch the stove to see if it was hot, because there were probably restrictions and limitations that they would give me as a kid, so I would just rebel.”

On his relationship with his mother, Joyce Hawkins he said, “She spent most of her life trying to take care of me, and I think once I got famous and I had a position, I spent most of my life trying to take care of her. So we would fight, and I would rebel. Because as a man, I wanted to be the one [making] the rules. But I’m still her son.”

He understands that his legacy might always be associated with Rihanna:

“Some people might say that Chris Brown is going down in history for hitting a woman. Or some might say that Chris Brown might go down as one of the greatest who ever did it. But I’m cool either way. Because at the end of the day, somebody learned a greater lesson.”


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