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Why is it so hard to please Raven “Watermelondrea” Symone? On the most recent episode of The View, the ladies discussed the latest record-breaking rendition of The Wiz.

Comedian Joy Behar said the show was “fabulous”. Actress Candace Cameron Bure spoke from a technical standpoint. She critiqued the lighting and production values of the show but her overall review was, “I really liked it, I thought it was fantastic,” said the Full House star.

Of course Raven-Symoné had to chime in and disagree with the popular opinion. “I have such a high bar in standard for The Wiz, being that it was Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Stephanie Mills, that when I went into it I was like, ‘Let’s go!’ And then I just…I miss Michael. I miss Diana.”

She also added, “It’s a hard act to follow. I loved the costumes, and I thought the singing on certain new songs and old songs were great, but on an overall, I just want to say, I miss the original people.”

“Black Twitter” was quick to remind Raven that Diana Ross and Michael Jackson shouldn’t have been apart of her critiques as the 2015 production is based on of the 1975 Broadway play starring Stephanie Mills and not the 1978 feature film.

With the overwhelming number of images in the media of people of color being victims of police brutality and the constant debate over whether or not all lives are more important than black lives, it’s refreshing to see, people of color in leading roles that empower the next generation to dream and search of a world outside of their comfort zone. We wish Raven would have used her platform to get that point across instead of comparing which actor did a better job in the role.

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