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Season 2 of Love And Hop Hop Hollywood has easily been one of the most multi-faceted, explosive and emotional in the history of the Love and Hip Hop franchise to date, and tonight, the cast came face-to -ace to relive it all during part 1 of their reunion.

As is common with every reunion show, tonight’s airing began with plenty of shade, surprise revelations and tears, and ended with the early stages of a cast-wide brawl that erupted right on stage. Let’s get into the highlights from part 1 of the Love And Hip Hop Hollywood, Season 2 Reunion Show.

Host Nina Parker opens up the show by pointing out that Omarion and Apryl are not present for the reunion show and Fizz reveals that they are not in attendance because Omarion is busy touring and would rather focus on his music.

The show begins with a look back at Princess and Ray J’s storyline. When Nina asks Princess whether or not she and Ray are actually engaged after Ray gave her a ring on the season finale, she confirms that they are in indeed the early stages of their engagement. Ray J and Princess both clarify what led to her being arrested following their hotel confrontation. Princess says Ray J was supposed to have left their hotel room to find her something to eat and when he didn’t return, she went looking for him. Ray J says he got a call from some friends who told him to meet them in another room at the hotel and insists that he planned to only stop by for “10 minutes,” but got sidetracked.

Ray J goes on to reveal that because he was on probation at the time of the incident, the police arriving in the midst of he and Princess’ altercation was not good. Princess says she was then arrested because she refused to cooperate with the police to tell her side of the story when they arrived, but says the charges against her have since been dropped. The topic of Ray J leaking stories to the press leads to a brief argument between he and Teairra before the subject then turns to Teairra and Princess’ short-lived friendship.

Moniece looks starlted as Nina replays a “check yourself” clip of her insulting Princess following her fight with Teairra. When Princess then confronts Moniece about her tendency to speak ill of her in interviews despite them not having a relationship of any kind, Moniece says Princess made comments about her son and her parenting during the altercation with Teiarra that triggered a negative reaction. Princess continues insulting Moniece and takes things a step too far by claiming that Moniece “doesn’t even have a roof over her head.” Teairra attempts to come to Moniece’s defense by insisting that she does, in fact, have a place to live, but Moniece decides to leave the stage while fighting back tears. The discussion on the stage continues with Ray J proclaiming that Moniece only “talks a lot of sh*t” to people she feels she can pick on (like Princess.)

Rich then comes to Moniece’s defense insisting, that as long as Moniece is with him, she’ll have a roof over her head, while also criticizing Princess for attacking her living situation. Ray J becomes defensive over Rich’s response to Princess’ comments, but Rich ignores him and continues to defend Moniece, adding that she does have custody of her son and is currently working on co-parenting with Fizz. Fizz then jumps in to co-sign Teairra’s comment that Moniece actually does have a place to live.

Moniece returns to the stage, along with her mother Marla, to revisit her storyline with Rich. Rich says he was attracted to Moniece because of her good vibes and attractive appearance. Monice says that despite Rich’s previous relationship dealings on the show, she realizes that everyone has a past. For that reason, she says she decided to judge Rich on how he treated her rather than how he was with other women in the past when pursuing a relationship with him. When Nina asks Moniece’s mother Marla why she trusted what she’d read on the internet about Rich rather than reserving her judgement for when she actually met him in person, she says she never imagined that her questions about him would be offensive given that much of his “dirt” is public knowledge, as it has played out publicly on previous seasons of the show. Rich responds by saying while he doesn’t feel that Marla is entirely wrong in her approach to dealing with their situation, he thinks her delivery could use some work. He also reveals that contrary to popular belief, he actually pays $3,000 a month in child support.

Moniece clarifies her real intentions for telling Fizz that she was still in love with him, insisting that she did so because she never truly had the chance to gain closure from their relationship the first time around, as she was investing all of her energy into fighting for the chance to be a mother to her son. Moniece also says she felt she didn’t have time to grieve her break up with Fizz at the time of their split, which is why she chose to let him know about her lingering feelings during the video shoot. In short, she says her motivation for telling Fizz about her feelings had nothing do with wanting to give their relationship another shot.

When Nina asks Rich his thoughts on Moniece’s claims that her conversation with Fizz was really about closure and not about wanting to reunite with him, he reiterates how he did the right thing by Moniece “every step of the way” in anticipation that their relationship would last. However, he also says that while he loves Moniece and has never had a problem with making that known, he also points out that even when love is apparent, things don’t always work out.

The conversation then turns to the current status of Moniece and Rich’s relationship. Moniece says that they had been in the process of repairing their relationship and that Rich had even told her again that he wanted to marry her in the midst of them working things out. While she admitted to things still being shaky between them at present, Moniece says she was surprised to hear Rich declare that they are not together earlier in the reunion show. When asked to clarify what he meant by saying they aren’t together, Rich maintains his previous statement, insisting that things will need to change before they can officially get back together.

When Nina asks Fizz whether or not he thought Rich’s interest in Moniece was genuine, things get heated as Nikki jumps in with some new information about an e-mail sent by Rich to Fizz. Nikki insists that Fizz should speak up with the truth about Rich’s intentions with Moniece in order to protect her as the mother of his child.

Fizz then begins to explain and reveals that during their conversation, Rich questioned whether or not Fizz was interested in rekindling things with Moniece in light of her unresolved feelings for him. Fizz then says that after he told Rich that he had no interest in pursuing another relationship with Moniece, Rich was disappointed, suggesting that it could have been “his way out” of things with Moniece. Rich doesn’t comment on his e-mail to Fizz, but does close out the segment by proclaiming that he doesn’t need anyone’s help exiting a relationship that he no longer wants to being.

Amber, Miles and Milan are joined on stage by Amber’s sister and Miles’ sister as they relive their storyline. Both Amber and Miles are moved to tears while re-watching the footage from when Miles told Amber and his family the truth about being gay. After watching the replay, Amber reiterates her feelings of embarrassment and hurt over learning that Miles kept the truth from her given their close bond not only as lovers, but also as “best friends.” She also points out again that she felt the most betrayed for her 12-year-old daughter Zoe, who views Miles as a father figure. Miles apologizes to Amber again, but also says he didn’t feel at ease telling her despite them being best friends. He says that because she’s not a man, a Black man or a rapper, he didn’t feel that she would fully understand his dilemma. When Nina asks Milan if he understands the difficulty of Miles’ position, he says that he does and speaks briefly on how hard it is for anyone in the African-American community to come out given the “stigma” around homosexuality in the culture. Both Miles and Amber’s sisters reveal that in spite of the situation, they all still consider each other to be family.

Fizz is put in the hot seat over his previous dealings with Kamiah. He insists that he wasn’t actually referring to Kamiah as an appetizer when he made the infamous comment just before they parted ways, but rather using a metaphor to attempt to better illustrate the situation. He apologizes to Kamiah for the comment, saying that if he had a daughter, he wouldn’t want her referred to as such. Nikki chimes in and says she also felt it was disrespectful. When asked about the current status of their relationship, Nikki says she and Fizz are still dating, but breaks down in tears as she reveals that she was unable to fully invest in their relationship having lost her brother earlier in the year.

The conversation then turns to Kamiah moving her things into Fizz’s house while he was out of town and her comment about his sex not being up to par. Fizz says he allowed Kamiah to stay at his house while he was away due to a tense family situation that she was going through at home, but did not offer her a key as an indication of their relationship progressing beyond what it was. Kamiah agrees that there was a miscommunication about her time living at his home but doesn’t elaborate further. The segment ends with Fizz continuing to insist that Kamiah “knows his sex was good,” after she apologizes for venting to Jason Lee about their drama.

The final part of the reunion show focuses on Monience’s mother Marla accusing Moniece of not putting her son first in her life. After the cast watches a montage of scenes about the topic, Moniece attempts to explain her position but is repeatedly interrupted by Brandi, Shanda and Amber, who all continue forcefully “remind” Moniece that her child must come first at all times. To no surprise, Moniece becomes fed up with all of the women ganging up on her about her parenting skills and when she attempts to silence them, Brandi and Shanda begin to attack her.

Ohhh boy. Check back next Monday for part 2 of the LHHH season 2 reunion show to see how it all ended.

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