adele joe hello

I mean really though……what do you REALLY expect?!? I’ve been saying this every since 1994, every since Joe came out with “I’m In Luv” that this guy was one of the greatest male vocalists I had ever heard. That was in 1994. Fast forward to 2015, & this guy is still just down right AMAZING vocally (not to mention he can play the guitar, keys, & write). I say all this to say when I heard he covered this Adele cut, I knew before I pressed play I was in for some sheer awesomeness. As always, Mr. Thomas did not disappoint. For the record, let me just say that Adele herself killed it!! I mean normally I would say there is really nothing else anybody could do with the song…..except Joe (& a handful of other great vocalists). So if you haven’t heard it, go on Youtube & look it up! I’m OUT!!!

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