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The Hollywood ratchets never skimp on the drama, so of course this last episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood was full of the usual. Moniece forced Rich to meet up with her babydaddy Fizz, Miles and Milan reconciled, Willie busted Shanda about stripping again, and Hazel and Teairra got into yet another verbal spat.

Let’s get into the drama!

Moniece Gets Maternal

It looks like Marla’s shenanigans have been working because Moniece started spending more time with her son. Fizz commends her on making an effort, and he’s even down to tighten up their shared custody agreement, but he also wants to meet Rich Dollaz. Like any concerned co-parent, he can’t just have anybody around his child, especially not someone with Richie D’s shady track record. Remember, he was once the president of the Creep Squad (probably still is on the low). This meeting could either go really right…or really wrong.

Miles and Milan Reconcile

Now that Miles is all the way out of the closet, and free to be himself, it’s time to get back into Milan’s good graces by apologizing for his shady behavior. Milan isn’t that receptive at first, but then Miles reveals that he wants Milan to meet his family, and the mood shifted drastically.  You know why, right? Meeting the family lets you know it’s real! Aaaaw.

Shanda Is Officially Back on the Pole

Nikki and Fizz meet up with Willie and Shanda before Willie’s show at House of Macau, but this is not a normal double date. Fizz and Nikki casually reveal that Shanda is back on the pole again because everyone saw her up in the club but Willie. Willie is pissed, so he starts going in on Shanda as Nikki and Fizz dip out swiftly. In the end, Shana apologizes for lying to him, he apologizes for lying to her, which caused her to panic about money and go back to the strip club in the first place, and it seems like all is well. However, I still think Shanda just missed being on the pole so she needed an excuse to go back.

Rich Meets The Baby Fawvuh

Rich meets up with Fizz at Moniece’s request, to talk about blended family stuff. You know, Fizz isn’t trying to have any ol’ body around his son, especially not someone with Rich’s reputation. Surprisingly, this conversation goes well and they seem to be on the same page about Rich’s role in Moniece and Cameron’s life.

Bird Behavior

Earlier in the episode, Hazel, who is now in charge of organizing Teairra and Nikki’s fashion show, asked Princess to come on board and showcase her line too. Hazel and Princess don’t care about the latter’s beef with Teairra and foolishly believe that everything is going to be cool.

At the fitting for the show, Teairra not only shows up unprepared (she only has paper patterns versus actual pieces because that suspect lipo job set her back in recovery time), and then she has the nerve to start popping off because Princess is there.

Hazel, Milan and Nikki wish Teairra would let it go for the sake of business because really Teairra is the one who exacerbated the drama with princess in the first place. Teairra thinks they’re all ganging up on her, and eventually Hazel and Teairra start going back and forth about who slept with whose ex (aka Berg) in the alley, and it’s just really messy (like everything that seems to involve Teairra).

In the end, Hazel says the smartest thing anyone has said this entire time, which is that Teairra needs to own her drama starting ways (mind you, this argument is in front of the models). That only gets Teairra even more fired up, but Milan walks her out of the venue before ish can escalate further. It looks like she’s not showing her blazers after all. She wasn’t ready anyway, so this is probably for the best. She should save herself the embarrassment.


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