Eddie Owens At Bubble - WOSF

Man I’m serious!! I don’t know about this…..what has my girl Marty Mart (Old School 105.3 Sales rep) gotten me into?!? I’m gonna be the Ringmaster on ‘Flashback Friday Night’ at the “Universoooooouuuul Circus” & I mean I really am downright nervous!! Especially when I found out about that elephant! Then the twin tigers too?!?? MAN!!! I’m just sayin’, the kid might have to reconsider! Hahahaha!!! Nah, I’m not going to disappoint my little nieces who are just TOO excited to go, plus they’ve never been before. So I have to go through with it. My Dad said….”Boy you better man up!” Hahaha!!! Thanks Dad…..I feel much better! I’m OUT!!!

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