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Eddie Owens hosts at the CIAA Legends of Hip-Hop Show

For the first time in my life one of my homies talked me into trying some Vietnamese food today. Well I must say…..I wasn’t impressed. I had some type of Chicken, with some type of noodles & peanut sauce….it just wasn’t the move. I mean I’m open to trying food from other countries, & I kind of figured that since this was still asian it would be similar to chinese or japanese,or even thai. Boy was I wrong! I mean that vietnamese was waaaaaayyyyy off!! There are variables that I must factor in, like maybe it was what I chose. Maybe it was where I got it, as we all know this is true when you go to different restaurants. I think I’ll just stick with what I love from the orient, & that’s chinese & japanese food! When it comes to the vietnam flavor, if ya’ll know a  better tasting spot put ya boy up on it I’m OUT!!!