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A White South Carolina coroner is in the hot seat for using the n-word while reporting an altercation between his Black neighbor, Leroy Fulton, and the man who came to repossess Fulton’s car. 

Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet then took it upon himself to chase Fulton down, claiming he pulled out a gun on the repo man, but Fulton denies having a gun or pointing one at anyone. Police body cam video captured at the scene does not show Fulton with a gun. Officers are heard yelling at Nisbet for at least 30 seconds to drop his own gun.

Once officers were able to separate Nisbet, who was drinking, and Fulton from one another, Nisbet joked with the Black police officer on the scene about race, referring to himself as “the poor little White man in cuffs.” Nissan also tells officers, “I always got y’alls back.”

According to ABC News, later during a conversation with officers, Nisbet referred to his neighbor as “Homeslice.”

“Homeslice pulled the gun out on him. He pulled the gun out right in the repo man’s face and I was like, ‘Oh hell, no.’ Because I don’t put up with that bull—-,” Nisbet said. “The last guy who pulled a gun out on a cop – you know I ruled that (expletive) suicide-by-cop – because if you pull a gun out on me I’m going to shoot your a—,” said Nisbet.

Nisbet has been indicted on misconduct charges and was also suspended from his position by Gov. Nikki Haley.

On Wednesday, Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discussed this very incriminating confrontation and statements made by the inebriated Dorchester County Coroner about ruling in favor of a police officer who was involved in a fatal shooting.

Martin told the panel that the coroner “is real honest” about his position when it comes to police shootings and highlighted Nisbet’s recorded statement: “The last guy who pulled a gun out on a cop – you know I ruled that (expletive) suicide-by-cop – because if you pull a gun out on me I’m going to shoot your a—.”

“We’ve seen these sort of rulings before, where they rely on what the coroner said. This guy owns up to it. And now we know the truth,” said Martin.

A. Scott Bolden, a former federal prosecutor and NewsOne Now panelist, told Martin as a result of Nisbet’s comments captured on video, “All of his work as coroner is going to have to be reviewed because of these statements.”

Amber Phillips, organizer and writer at Echoing Idea, said, “Our system is held up by multiple people who hold these racist views and these ideologies, and it’s really hurting us legally and when we have these confrontations with the police.”

Joia Jefferson-Nuri believes that a byproduct of the alcohol-induced honesty displayed in the video “called into question every coroner report.”

Especially the reports for Sandra Bland, who died in police custody in Waller County, TX, and the coroner report for Mike Brown. Jefferson-Nuri said, “It called into question Trayvon Martin, it calls into question every single coroner report that says, ‘Oh, this person wasn’t necessarily killed by the cop.’” 

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the Dorchester County Coroner’s recorded statements in the video clip above.

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