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There are just some people you can’t invite to your wedding if you want a good time to be had by all. Wedding planning isn’t all cake tastings and dress fittings. You’ve got to figure out who is actually going to show up for your nuptials or your big day could be super stressful for you.

Plotting out the guest list for your wedding is a huge undertaking for many couples as they wade through their nearest and dearest to determine who gets an invite.

Of course, not everyone will make the cut. There’s a certain category of folks you just should not invite to your wedding. Granted, there are some exceptions, but these are a few people who need not RSVP.

That Co-Worker You Can’t Stand

You invited the rest of the office, so you had to invite them too, right? Wrong! If their sheer presence at the meeting is enough to mess up your morning, then feel free to leave them off the invite list.

Your Scene-Stealing Family Member

You know the one: They can make everything that has happened about them. Your wedding will be no different. They’ll show up wearing white, cut in on your first dance, get frat boy wasted and then give the longest speech of the night.

That Guy You Know Who Has No Filter

One sure way to tick off half your wedding guests is to invite someone who shares every thought that runs through their head. You never have to wonder what they’re thinking about the presidential race, the latest episode of Empire, your clothing choices, or anything else because they’ll tell you. Even though you didn’t ask. And because they love the sound of their own voice so much, they’ll speak loud enough for everyone to hear.

The Critic

As the old saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. If The Critic ever paid any attention to this rule, they’d be mute. Saying nice things is a nearly impossible task, but they are armed with an arsenal of back-handed compliments. They’ll pick apart everything from your flowers and hair accessories to your signature cocktail and centerpieces.

The Gossip

Sure to be seated right beside the The Critic is The Gossip, who’s always got something juicy to tell anyone who will listen. Somehow they have anecdotes on everyone in the bridal party (including your parents) and they can’t wait to spill it to their entire table.

The Ex

Weddings are about celebrating the future, so no one needs the ghost of yesterday popping up on your big day. Have you ever seen this end well? We all saw what happened to Byron and Whitley!

Your Bigoted Relatives

Not unlike the guy with no filter, these folks want everyone to know how they feel about some incredibly controversial topics. Hint: They’re completely intolerant of everyone that doesn’t fit their value system. A day that’s supposed to be all about love is no place for hateful people.


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