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Crazy Beautiful

We get to meet Moniece’s mom this episode. She is everything you’ve probably imagined based on what we’ve seen from Moneice. Apparently, they have some unresolved issues to take care of and plan to repair their relationship, because that always goes well on TV. Part of this plan involves meeting Rich Dollaz first, because…Love and Hip-Hop logic.

Miles Still Won’t Be Honest

Miles tells Amber that he’s not interested in being in a relationship with her, but he doesn’t tell her that he’s gay (or maybe bi), and in a relationship with Milan so, technically, he’s lying by omission. Amber, on the other hand, wants to be with him, and seems to think that he’ll come back to her eventually.

Introducing Willie Taylor

Remember Willie Taylor from Day 26 (the cute one)? He, and his wife have finally been introduced to the show. Apparently, Willie moved the family (their two kids included) to LA so that he can work on his solo career and be closer to his record label. They’re living off their savings, which is enough to last for about 6 months for now. At first they seem too normal and drama free for this show, but just when we start counting down to when the random mistress appears, we discover that Willie’s wife used to be a stripper back when they were in Chicago. She is worried about the family’s finances and is threatening to go back to the club. However, Willie, determined to make his solo career work, refuses to let that happen. And therein lies the crux of their drama.

Richie Moves In

Rich Dollaz decides to move in with Moniece in LA, because he “can’t stop thinking of her,” and Moniece introduces the idea of Rich meeting her mom. Rich brings up the fact that this doesn’t really make sense given the fact that she and her mom still haven’t worked everything out in their relationship. She also mentions that her mom played a role in her losing custody of her son by not showing up to support her in court. Again, why is Rich meeting Momma Mo? Then again, this is Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood.

Soulja Boy Agrees To Confront Nas

Soulja Boy and Nia confront Nas so that Soulja Boy can “tell her what it is.” Nia plays the basic role as Soulja tries to pretend that he doesn’t want to sleep with Nas anymore. Nas tells him to stop fronting like he wasn’t just trying to be with her yesterday, and then breaks out evidence via text messages. Soulja Boy’s simple arse says he’s surprised that Nas pulled out evidence (this is Soulja Boy, though, so don’t face palm here). He then starts struggling to find the words (more than usual) and says, “At the end of the day I don’t need to be with none of yall.” Nia feels stupid after seeing the texts and gets hostile toward Nas. The women begin brawling, but are quickly broken up by security.

Later on, we find Soulja Boy and Nia still talking about the situation (Nas is gone by this point). Soulja gives Nia one of his most expensive chains to prove his love. He then kisses her and tells her that he loves her. Nia doesn’t kiss him back in a weak attempt to show that she’s mad at him. But like…he’s doing this because he can, and he always could. He has long tested Nia’s boundaries and knows that he can get away with pretty much everything, because Nia doesn’t want much in life. #LoweredExpectations.

Miles, Miles, Miles…Smh

Miles tells Milan that he’s planning to tell Amber about his sexuality…eventually. Milan feels some type of way since Amber is Milan’s ex and thinks she should know as soon as possible, otherwise, he will be the one to deliver that news.

Miles goes to Amber’s house, but ends up not telling her (he doesn’t even go inside).

Rich Meets Momma Mo

Rich and Moniece link up with Marla (Moniece’s mom) for dinner, and it goes south quickly. Marla basically starts going in on Rich, questioning what his intentions are with Moniece (basically trying to be a mom about 30 years too late). Rich tries to be calm, but Marla is really out of pocket and confrontational, which causes Rich to get defensive. Moniece is mortified, but it’s like…told you so. Meanwhile, we get to see where Moniece gets her, um, personality.

Back To Miles and Milan

Miles tells Milan that he spent the night at his aunt’s house, but Milan reveals that he followed Miles to Amber’s house. Miles tells him that he didn’t go in, which is true, but like…he didn’t have to lie about going to Amber’s house in the first place. Milan is pissed and subsequently kicks him out.

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