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Lovebirds Russell Wilson and Ciara shocked the world when they announced they were practicing celibacy. But we shouldn’t have been too surprised; the Super Bowl-winning NFL quarterback often tweets about the two things he loves: God and Ciara.

So we decided with football season in full swing, we should get some of the biggest Twitter trolls to break down a couple of Russell Wilson’s tweets. We discuss PDA with Ciara, that time when Marshawn Lynch may or may not have hacked his Twitter account, and even when he tweeted a Trinidad Jame$ lyric: “Why would anyone want dirt in their Sprite?”

Well, we are about to find out, as Dustin, Fran, Nisey Kamai, Ashlee, and comedians Nore Davis and Molly Austin get their troll on for Socially Decoded: the Russell Wilson edition.

Are Russell Wilson’s Tweets Showcasing His Sexual Frustration With Ciara?  was originally published on globalgrind.com