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Big Daddy Kane and Alethea Ramey

Happy Birthday to one of the illest lyricist EVER…..the one & only, Big Daddy Kane! The first time I heard this cat was on the record “Just Rhymin’ With Biz”. When I heard the 1st line….”Well it’s the Kane in the flesh, of course I’m fresh, if you though that I was rotten, (smack), I beg your pardon!” I knew this dude was special……seriously, that verse was CRAZY!! Then I head “Raw” & that’s when I said GOOD GRACIOUS!! I ran & bought “Long Live The Kane” the day it came out, & the rest is history! He was one of the few emcees that was comparable to the GOD emcee himself…..Rakim. The man is DOPENESS personified….period. I can go on & on about this cats talent, but I’ll end it by saying enjoy your Birthday Kane! Truly one of the greatest brotha, & that’s real! I’m OUT!!!

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