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So, most of you probably think Kanye West is crazy. Like, he’s proven on several occasions that he may be very self-absorbed (possibly even mentally ill), but he’s also shown us that he’s not afraid to fight for what’s right – or what he believes in. Common rides hard with Kanye – and for good reason.

While we all had a laugh at his expense last night (and honestly on a regular basis), Kanye might actually make a great president. I mean, he’s not afraid to call a spade a spade (remember that George Bush comment). He’s also not afraid to strongly support the things he believes in (remember the Confederate flag on his clothes) – and Kanye believes in black people. And if you let Michael Eric Dyson tell it, we need a black president who will deal head on with the issue of race.

Kanye will do it!

So, I think I might actually support Kanye if he runs for president in 2020. Call me crazy, but I believe if we want radical change, we need a leader who can push radical change.

Kanye West is a social justice fighter (read my explanation on that here) and I love a good social justice fight.


I’m Supporting Kanye For President In 2020  was originally published on ipowerrichmond.com