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In this scorching Texas heat you know that some good pool time, bbq and a cold beer is the best way to get by.
Someone has put a few cool ways to open up your cold one that MacGyver way. What’s MacGyver? ha ha

MacGyver was a TV series in the mid-1980’s of the adventures of a secret agent armed with scientific resourcefulness. He could use any house hold product and duct tape to get out of any situation.
Check out a few of the 16 ways that you can open that cold beer up:
1. Twist off
Yup, the twist-off is an easy and fast way to easy, but try that before you attempt these “MacGyver” methods
2. Lighter
You can wedge the butt of the lighter between the cap and the beer bottle and push up.
3. Tools
Pliers, flat-head screwdrivers, rasps, files, hammer and bubble levels are good use of toys. You use the flat edges of the tools under the cap and push upward. This will pop it off.
4.Strike Plates.
This is something you can find on your door frame or car seat belt latches.
5. Flat surface with a crisp edge
You know, countertops, rocks, belt buckles, street signs… you know. Line the cap up with the edge and tap.
6. Tech edition
CDs, MP3 players…
Here are some of the other’s that you need to check out… Keys, nails files, staple removers; Rings; Paper; beer on beer; a toothbrush; shell casings; crusty bread; a spoon; your forearm…
Tell us any if you know of any other ways that can be helpful!!!

16 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener  was originally published on theboxhouston.com

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