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Police Respond To Reports Of Shooting At Washington Navy Yard

Source: Mark Wilson / Getty

Morning, darling. Here’s your news stories for today. Enjoy your Thursday!

Navy Yard Is Now On Lockdown In Response To Active Shooting

An active shooter has been reported at the Navy Yard. There haven’t been any casualties. Located less than a mile South of the capitol, this development comes after a mass shooting in 2013 that left 12 victims dead. The gunman himself was also killed by authorities responding to the attacks. Read more at USA Today.

Supervisors Involved With Unarmed Black Couple’s Shooting Death Offered A Plea Deal

The five White police supervisors that didn’t stop the deadly car chase which killed Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams amid 137 gunshots were told their charges would be dropped if they admitted they endangered the public and if they met additional conditions. Attorneys of the supervisors have said the defendants turned down the deal and are ready to go to trial. The police in question were charged with dereliction of duty after a 22-mile long chase that involved over 60 cars and 100 Cleveland officers. Read more at the Huffington Post.

Unemployment Drops to 5.3 Percent, Job Creation & Hiring Is Still On The Uptick By 223,000

Things are still looking up for the country’s economy now that the latest jobs report from the Labor Department has been release. Unemployment is the lowest it’s been in seven years and experts say we may see more increases in hiring by September. Read more of the details as well as the pros and cons at the New York Times.

Confederacy Lives On? Thousands Of Students At Schools Celebrating Racists

Now that the debate surrounding the Confederate flag is once again alive and well, the Huffington Post has revealed some especially disturbing facts about our country’s historic love affair with bigots. HuffPo reviewed information from the National Center For Education Statistics and found that approximately 120,000 students attending schools named after Confederate soldiers, leaders, historical towns and counties, or have mascots affiliated with the Civil War. More than half of students attending these schools are Black or Hispanic. Read more at the Huffington Post.

Greece’s Finances Continue To Spiral Downward

Greece’s economic collapse is so bad that the country is preparing to start issuing substitute money, i.o.u.’s and scrips. The country’s banks have been closed since Monday and worst of all, there’s now rumors that their bailout deal with creditors may no longer be on the table. Read more at the New York Times.

Is Bernie Sanders Gaining On Hillary? 

Bernie Sanders, the democratic-socialist presidential candidate in the 2016 elections, surprisingly drew a crowd of about 10,000 at his latest speech in Wisconsin. Sanders, originally from Vermont, turned out more people than any other candidate—Democrat or Republican—in the race so far. It’s especially surprising because as of only a few weeks ago, Sanders didn’t belong to either of the major political parties. Read more at NBC News.


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