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Rev. Al Sharpton is questioning why Rachel Dolezal’s parents chose to out her for faking her racial identity now of all times.

The Black community was really shocked to find out that the president of the NAACP’s Spokane chapter was pretending to be a Black woman. This information was new to us, but this was really nothing new for her family.

Despite what Rachel’s done during her tenure at the NAACP, and the lengths she’s gone to to make everyone believe that she’s a Black woman, Al told TMZ that her parents are really the only ones to blame for this mess.

He understands that much of their decision to reveal their daughter’s lie was due to a family dispute, but he’s still questioning why they chose to drop this bomb now after so many years. “You’ve got to ask, why would your mother and father after all this time come out [with this]. What is that all about?”


“Are you really going to do this to your kid? Are we really going to have this kind of dysfunctional family stuff play out ad distract us from real civil rights causes,” Sharpton continued. “And you’ve got to ask the question: What is mom and dad’s motive here?”

There’s still plenty of blame left to go around, though. He argues that Rachel wouldn’t even be in this position, had she just been honest about the fact that she’s White. It’s not a huge deal to him that she’s not Black.

“It’s not about her race. There are Whites in all of our, and there are Whites that died in the civil rights movement,” said Sharpton. “I think the question they want to deal with is her honesty. You have to be transparent.”

Sharpton encouraged her to embrace her true identity in her fight for equality, stating, “If you’re fighting for the rights of people, then don’t deny the person that you are.”


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