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Well, well….they have finally decided to end the musical audition show that took the nation by storm, American Idol”. I’m just going to say that I STRONGLY agree with the execs at FOX, & really, this should have happened a looooooonnng time ago! I mean let’s face it, this show has seen it’s better days. I personally feel like when Simon left, it should have ended then, but oh no! The FOX execs didn’t want that, so they drug it out even longer for more seasons. The judge change wasn’t that bad, being that Harry Connick, Keith Urban, J-Lo, & Steven Tyler are all great artists in their own right. The best judge since the original cast was of course Mariah Carey, being that she is clearly the best vocalist they’ve ever had & is a true ‘authority’ on singing. I just feel like they really REALLY were reaching when they had Nikki Minaj as a judge. C’mon man….I mean a GREAT lyricist & emcee, but a judge of singing??!? Nah, I’m not gonna buy that one….at all. Oh well, Good bye American Idol, you had a great run! Speaking of which….I’m OUT!!!