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Well, well, well…here we go again with these….’Patriots’. Let me start by saying my opinions are NOT the reflections of Radio One (you can tell I’m about to go in right?). Okay….first it was ‘Spy Gate’, now it’s ‘Deflate Gate’. Clearly the New England Patriots organization is not one of ANY TYPE OF INTEGRITY. It’s always something with those guys! I mean really? Deflating balls to help you win a game?? See but here’s the REAL deal….they didn’t even NEED deflated balls to beat the Colts!! You were gonna beat them ANYWAY!!! You’re the MUCH better team!! This just really pisses me off, because Tom Brady is mad. Oh you MAD son?? FOR WHAT?? It’s only 4 GAMES!!! You got guys being fined & suspended for celebrating (ie. Terell Owens Back in the day), ‘Bounty Gate’, etc.! You cheated, & you’re crying about 4 games, a million dollar fine (like you don’t have it), & 2 stupid draft picks (which the draft is never really important to the Patriots anyway)?!?? Man SHUT UP!!! You better be lucky you didn’t get suspended for the year! CHEATER!!! Man…..I’m OUT!!!

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