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Chris Brown

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Chris Brown’s Nude Intruder Charged With 3 Felonies for Break-In

Amira Ayeb was charged with stalking, vandalism, and burglary after being arrested for camping out at Chris Brown’s L.A. mansion while he was in Las Vegas. The aspiring singer from Tunisia was found naked, lying in Brown’s bed on Wednesday night.

According to reports, Ayeb spray painted “Mrs. Brown” on several of Chris’ expensive cars, and she also wrote “I Love You” on his countertops, causing some pretty expensive damage over the course of her stay at the singer’s home. Her bail has been set at $220,000, and Ayeb has been put on a three year protective order … click here for more details.

Rihanna And Drake No Love Lost, Partied Together

Drake and Rihanna ended up at the same club Friday night, and it’s apparent from the video there are no hard feelings between the two.

They each came separately to the VIP Room in NYC, saw each other and greeted each other warmly.

It’s a brief encounter, but it’s easy to see there’s no bitterness … click here for more details.

Kylie Jenner Slams Media’s ‘Wild Child’ Accusations on Twitter

The media frenzy surrounding Kylie Jenner is at all-time high, as everything from her relationship to Tyga, and her lips has been heavily scrutinized. The 17 year-old reality star took to Twitter to let off some steam, and also address some of those buzzing rumors, one of which includes some chatter about her failing school, as well as a SnapChat video where she supposedly said, “I’m high as f**k.”

In a response to the video, she says, “I did a snapchat saying my chicken was “good as f*ck” eating Popeyes for the 1st time and apparently people think I said high as f*ck’ she added ‘I DID NOT say that.’” … click here for more details.

Tyga’s Grandma on Kylie: She’s Sweet and Better for Him

Although the world seems to be in an uproar about Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s union, one person who doesn’t seem to mind is Tyga’s grandmother, Kim Ngyuen.

The 70 year-old granted DailyMailUK an exclusive interview, where she candidly opened up about her grandson’s rumored flame, saying, “”She is such a sweet, lovely girl and seems to adore Tyga.”

While others may strongly disagree about the 25 year-old rapper dating the 17 year-old reality star, Ngyuen has absolutely no problem with Tyga being in a relationship with Kylie, telling DailyMail, “”Tyga is only a baby himself, so we don’t see what the problem is.” … click here for more details.

Blac Chyna’s Mom Slams Entire Kardashian-Jenner Family on IG

Just when the dust was starting to settle from the infamous beef between Blac Chyna, Kylie Jenner and Tyga, Chyna’s mother has stepped in to set the record straight about her daughter.

Shalana Hunter took to Instagram on Sunday after hearing Kim Kardashian’s friend Jonathan Cheban speaking on Chyna and Amber Rose’s alleged harsh bullying of Kylie for dating Tyga. She also slammed comments from Tyga ‘s grandmother, who recently called the Kardashian family educated and better than Chyna.

Hunter posted her first response to the criticism with a critical review of the Kardashians herself. One by one, the mother slammed Khloe for dating French Montana, Kim for her infamous sextape, Kourtney for having three kids out of wedlock with Scott Disick, and momager Kris Jenner for her choices in men.

She continued to praise her daughter and defended her life choices  … click here for more details.

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