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A photo of a young Maryland boy handing out bottles of water to police has gone viral.


And while we’d like to think the reaction would be positive, we received mixed messages from our friends over on our Facebook page.

Pauline Hibler Awesome young man!

Patricia Darlene Johnson- Boliver-Hartman Good boy. Show people love.

Christi Fotheringham That’s cute but that kid needs to get his a** home!!! What the h*ll is wrong with his parents letting him be there

Trudy Robinson I hope they kindly took it and didn’t think anything “fishy” was going on.

Joseph Joe Louis Snorgrass One photo of kid giving water to police and people are acting like he’s the only one with a heart. Let’s be realistic here. I like what he’s trying to do but he ain’t the only one acting positive

Martin David Cowie The Child is a propaganda trick.

Bridget Cagle Let them mother f***ers perish!!

We want to hear from you — good move or should he just stay out of harms way?

Keep up with everything coming out of ‪#‎Baltimore‬ here: http://bit.ly/1J6oixc.

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(Photo Source: Facebook)

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