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Protests Continue After Death Of Baltimore Man While In Police Custody

I’m gonna say this & I’m gonna be out. Freddy Gray was a tragedy, just like many other recent events with Police concerning the African American Community. It is bad, TRUST me….I feel you %100. It’s BEEN bad (but I won’t get into that right now). Let me just say this though. When you protest…..DON’T HARM & HURT INNOCENT PEOPLE!!! C’mon Baltimore?!? I’ve seen images where cats are busting out peoples windows who have nothing to do with anything! They’re just driving along in traffic. Fighting folks who have nothing to do with anything! Store owners who are just catering to patrons & they’re windows get busted out! Really ya’ll??!? All I’m saying is direct your protest in the right direction. City Hall, the Police Department, the Courts, etc. Don’t try to bother people who are coming in peace to watch a baseball game, who have absolutely nothing to do with the Baltimore Police Department! You want to block traffic? Block it by the Baltimore Police Department. You mad? Go straight to the Baltimore Police Department & voice your concerns. You upset?? Holla at them! Not innocent folks ya’ll…C’MON! With that being said….I’m OUT!

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