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Kim K Opens Up About Bruce’s Transition

The RHOA reunion wasn’t the only major TV happening this weekend, Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer left us teary eyed as we watched a man finally reveal his inner self. The KUWTK star and former American poster child for masculinity came out and revealed he feels like a woman on the inside and has been taking female hormones since the 80s.

Surprisingly, Kim Kardashian has been the most accepting of the transition and opened up to Matt Lauer about how the family is taking it.

“It’s a daily process,” she said. Kardashian also revealed that the family has meetings about it all the time and they have sought clarity around the confusing situation from GLAAD. “There are so many different things that you just want to be supportive and just be respectful,” she added.

Were you touched by Jenner’s interview?

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